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Discussion Questions on Gender Interaction and Roles - Paper Example

Date:  2021-05-27 20:08:52
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The term mystique comes with a wrong notion or imprint. In consideration of Betty's concept, the idea encompasses false notion that women are objects of no virtue and that they are considered as housewives in the contemporary American society. The mystique, therefore, refers to a false idea about femininity which exalts men to acquire careers about women, whose duty is to serve people. According to Betty, the only thing women ought to be committed to is fulfilling their state of liking. In her words, she criticizes the mistake of western culture that constantly has under-valued women femininity and ability to perform other tasks apart from house chores. She exalts the ability of a woman by saying that regardless of how different the science of the origin of life and creation may portray the superiority of men, the nature of women is not different to that of men. In some aspects, she says, nature may be superior (Betty, 1963).

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Several ways exist in which gender interaction and roles are dissipated to children. One such way is through men's involvement in housework and childcare. Many types of research find that men's participation in childcare brings a negative connotation about gender stereotyping in children. Through such activities involving childcare, it deduces that fathers roles include nurturing and performing domestic responsibilities. Gender role education is also influenced by raising children by parents who may either be gay or lesbians in comparison to raising children by parents who are heterosexuals. Most research performed in this line of thought deduce that children who are raised by parents sexually attracted to the same gender have a tendency to emulate some gender stereotypes. Even if so, in cases where such parents conform to the division of labor, children for such families are viewed to express stereotype thoughts on adult roles and occupations. Studies also show that parents reinforce gender stereotypes in several ways they wouldn't even be aware of or encourage. Examples of such situations include using a particular type of words like "girls love candy" and "boys love skating." These words though may sound of no meaning, express descriptive stereotype. Parents who come from the industrialized way of life are always more flexible concerning activities considered acceptable for their daughters than those acceptable to their sons (Carol L, 2014).


The advertisement was introduced many centuries back. Media has been using vivid portraits of both men and women to advertise their products. In most cases, these adverts are reported to be insulting and degrading. Advertisers try to support their practice by saying that people often define themselves regarding their gender and sexuality are one tool that can speak at a glance. In the society, today, media and personal or body image go together. Such adverts are geared towards eluding education parentally, intimate relationship and physical fitness. Consequences of such exposure of human body in adverts have resulted to youth making comparisons of themselves to the models and superstars in the adverts regarding beauty or masculinity. The use of sexuality in ads provokes a given kind of attitude and values in the youth and society, in general, concerning sex and the product being sold. In simple terms, it may signify that the use of a kind of product may influence the consumer in getting attracted to opposite sex. Images of men in adverts all over media also result to barraging people and portraying what consumers would consider as an ideal body. Those who use associated products and don't achieve the kind of body advertised get demoralized (Robert H, 2016).

Section II

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Life has a simple fact; men have a vast array of physical advantages compared to women. Contrary to that, studies show that women live longer than men. In both countries that are developed and those that are not, people live shorter lives of about 10years as compared to women. In the U.S alone, life expectancy stands at approximately 79years for women and about 72years for men. Studies in the U.S show that between 15years to 24years, male deaths are rampant; almost three times the number of female mortality. Most of these deaths are caused by reckless behavior and violence. Other causes of such surged rate of death are caused by illnesses resulting from smoking and alcohol consumption. Young men, therefore, tend to smoke and consume alcohol more than women in the same age bracket. Health experts also give their part of explanation by evaluating the difference in mortality pattern in relation sex hormone production. Their study claims that the male sex hormone known as testosterone is associated with aggression majorly at puberty. It is, therefore, testosterone that put men at both biological and behavioral risk. This process is known as testosterone toxicity (Thomas & Ruth, 1998).

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Let us understand what modern society and postmodern culture mean. The European community from 1650-1950 refers the modern society. While, the postmodern society runs from 1950 to-date. The difference between these modernities includes the institutions of binding. In the postmodern society, such institutions have no influence (Tristan, 2015). Individuals can restructure their culture and identity as much as they wish. In the postmodern society, new media technologies are constructed, of which did not exist in the modern society. The comparison of features of modernity and postmodernity is:

Modernity Postmodernity

Social class forms the basis of the social division while production is industrial and capitalized.

Urbanization- People moved to cities to look for jobs and make places of shelter.

The presence of a bureaucratic state.

People derive their knowledge from thinking in a rational manner and less of superstitious and religious.

The world is held in faith while science is trying to form its base and take shape. Globalization meaning more flow of money and ideas while people move from one country to another.

The world is fragmented Nowadays people change jobs at their peril, labor is flexible and limitless.

Culture is diverse- due to rapid globalization, cultural interaction is intense.

Influence of the media is so intense

Consumer society exists where people are free to choose what sort of lifestyle they ought to live.

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