Discussion Questions on Healthcare Leadership Paper Example

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Date:  2021-05-26

What do you think are the top challenges health care leaders and physicians face?

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The healthcare systems have been prioritizing and redefining population health in the recent years. They are faced with lot of challenges that almost make it impossible for them to offer quality care services to the patients. In dealing with population health, it means handling a comprehensive range of data. This data sometimes is too big for them to manage and apply to organization's specific goal. Thus, analyzing population health data is the greatest challenge to these leaders (MacKian, 2013). Other problems they face include; how to balance between the quality of medication and its cost; high CEO turnover in most of the hospitals; lack of enough efficient and effective intermediate managers and practitioners; and administrative regulations imposed by the government which is hard to comply with.

What would you do as a healthcare leader to navigate through the changing world of health care?

The only persistent thing in the health sector is change. To expedite organizational change, all leaders should trace back and realize where its origin. Being their leader, I will ensure effective and determined human resource which is the solution to this change. In navigating this shift, as a leader, I will recruit employees with new roles and skills to address these changes. Equally, I will give a piece of training to existing staff on the new required skills. I will forge in and implement current performance goals and optimize new process across all the new entities.

How would you address the quality demands and stipulations the government is placing on health care best practices and safety?

All patients need to be handled in the most professional way (Cassens, 2008). With the government demands and stipulations on best practices from the health sector, as a leader, I will ensure that all health professionals be educated on how to deliver patient-centered care. Their training will be centered on quality improvement informatics, approaches, and evidence-based practices.

How would you as a health care leader drive change for the best practices/ standards to ensure the best care is given to the patients?

For change to happen in the health sector, it needs a leader who leads by example. After leading as an example, he or reckons the troops to follow due. Thus, acting as an example will make others follow by example. Secondly, as I good leader, the change shouldn't be introduced abruptly. I will ensure that all the health professionals have been taught on how to manage the change and are well equipped to handle this change.


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In MacKian, S., & In Simons, J. (2013). Leading, managing, and caring: Understanding leadership and management in health and social care.

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