Diversity in Sociology: Respect and Acceptance for a Changing World - Essay Sample

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The world of sociology is changing day after day particularly with a variety of events in sociological research. Through different dimensions and perceptions concerning sociology, the occurrence of diversity has been a significant backbone and support system intended to ensure that sociology is understood and its future can be secured both as high standard "applied" sociological and social research and as an academic discipline. Within the concept of diversity, it encompasses respect and acceptance which in one way or the other revolve around the understanding that every individual is special or unique and recognizes the individual differences. Therefore, it is imperative to protect and support diversity since by valuing groups and individuals free from significant differences such as prejudice and fostering a climate where equity, mutual understanding, and respect are intrinsic generate more sociological benefits and advantages. However, this paper will focus on diversity consciousness by combining the definition of diversity consciousness, developing individual diversity consciousness portfolio, and sharing what I feel are my strengths in this area along with other areas that I need to create and grow.

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According to Bucher (2010), diversity in the world of sociology revolves around the reality created by groups and individuals from a broad spectrum of philosophical and demographic differences. Diversity consciousness is an attitude of designing, integrating, and welcoming different elements that are diverse and people. Majorly, diversity consciousness revolves around the open-mindedness to individual cultures, backgrounds as well as racial differences. In other terms, diversity consciousness creates an atmosphere of belonging and acceptance which in one way or the other affects the over personal interaction with the different dimensions of diversity. In consideration of the importance of diversity consciousness, it sets various benefits and occurrences to individuals and the community as a whole. For instance, diversity consciousness is responsible for liberating and empowering the different aspects of sociology in an individual along with their professionalism. Also, diversity consciousness strengthens the intercultural and diversity skills which are major step stone in the open-mindedness to individuals.

On the other hand, diversity consciousness is relevant to various dimensions of diversity such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, physical abilities, socioeconomic status, and political beliefs, among others. In the involvement of these dimensions, diversity consciousness is relevant since it enhances social and communication skills develop knowledge and promote personal growth and satisfaction. However, diversity consciousness critical in particular aspects of culture for instance, in the race and ethnicity dimensions. In these specific dimensions, it promotes the interaction between individuals by creating a sense of community which is significant it the world of sociology and sociological research. Also, diversity consciousness is relevant to the dimensions of gender and sexual orientation since it increases the possibilities of understanding across genders as well as individuals with different sexual orientation. For example, in various cultures the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community is considered unethical different from other cultures; however, with the involvement of diversity consciousness tit maintains individuals can interact openly regardless.

Correspondingly, diversity consciousness is fundamental in my career path. It is because it increases the development of conscious practices which involve: understanding and appreciating the interdependence of cultures, natural environment, and humanity; understanding that diversity not only consists of a way of being but also a way of knowing; and practicing mutual understanding and respect for experiences and qualities that differ from my own. Furthermore, diversity consciousness is essential in my career path since it will assist in recognizing that social, institutionalized and personal discrimination will create privileges for some people while sustaining disadvantages to others.

Major Aspects from Each Chapter of the Text

However, within the readings in the text, class activities, and discussions, some various activities had an impact on me concerning my profession and personal life. For instance, within the first chapter of the readings, the significant aspect that affected my own life was the aspect of diversity on "what Diversity Consciousness in not." Within this aspect, it defines the various misconceptions that people have concerning the issue of diversity consciousness. The element in the first chapter had an impact on me since it made me reflect on my personal life and enlightened me on the importance of diversity consciousness (Bucher, 2010, p. 1-32). On the other, I believe the concept will provide insight and impact my life positively by giving the necessary tools to strive to understand how people should be treated across cultures and among other settings involving diversity.

In consideration of the second chapter of the reading, my selected significant aspect is diversity understanding. In as much as diversity consciousness is involved, there are various ways through which it should be utilized meaning that understanding the existence of individual difference in the society whether personally involved or in professionalism is a critical aspect in ensuring diversity, particularly in sociology (Bucher, 2010, p. 33-60). Within the content of diversity understanding, it will provide insight and impact my personal life and my professional experience in various ways. For example, diversity understanding creates awareness by ensuring that one can learn how to treat people across cultures and live harmoniously with each other. Also, since this aspect the second chapter increased mu understanding concerning diversity in the workplace to achieve maximum productivity, I can apply the knowledge in the dimensions of diversity such as sexual, racial, gender, and disability diversity. Moreover, it will increase my interaction skills in my personal life.

According to chapter three of the reading, diversity consciousness is critical to various dimensions since it provides a balance between the philosophical and demographic dissimilarities. Within this chapter, the aspect concerning social and personal barriers hindering the success of diversity consciousness play a significant role. In the element about impediments to the success of diversity consciousness, they include; limited perception, prejudices, and stereotypes. Understanding these barriers is a significant step towards the development of individual consciousness on diversity (Bucher, 2010, p. 60-92). Therefore, this aspect will provide insight and impact my personal and professional life by increasing knowledge on what can hinder diversity consciousness, particularly in the workplace. Majorly, learning from mistakes is the best way to learn; thus, through understating these barriers, they not only provide information but also ensure learning.

Similarly, in the fourth chapter of the reading, pertaining developing diversity consciousness, the aspect of "six areas of development" is one that I believe will provide insight and impact my professional and personal life. Diversity consciousness is dynamic deriving that it is not an ideal level of awareness that people reach after which they remain static. Within the six areas of development, they include; examining individual self and worlds, expanding our knowledge of other individuals and their societies, stepping out of own self, gauging the level, checking upon ourselves, and following through developing our diversity consciousness (Bucher, 2010, p. 95-123). Through the areas of development, they impact my personal and professional life by giving me a learning experience on how to treat other people whether in the workplace or the community as a whole.

Correspondingly, in consideration to the fifth chapter of the reading, concerning the communication in a diverse universe, the aspect of self-evaluation diversity consciousness plays an important function. In the element, it involves exploring personal competence of culture since culture defines the values of the people (Bucher & Bucher, 2010, p. 125-150). Through self-assessments, it will impact my own life by enabling me to reflect and learn on the cultural differences and how to foster communication in connection to the real world. On the other hand, the aspect concerning the role of diversity consciousness in online social networking within the sixth chapter of the reading is one that will impact my professional life (Bucher, 2010, p. 151-186). In the element, it includes the awareness of diversity, understanding, and skill which are significant in the professional life particularly with interaction with other personalities in the workplace.

Moreover, according to chapter seven of the reading on teamwork, my selected major involves obstacles to teamwork. Groups are formed with the aspiration to accomplish various objectives. However, multiple obstacles may hinder the synergy of the team such as communication and conflict (Bucher, 2010, p. 191-215). In the details of this aspect, its content will provide insight and impact on my professional life by increasing my understanding regarding the various teamwork skills and challenges which is critical in every workplace.

Leadership is essential particularly in dealing with culturally diversified workplaces. Thus, within the components of the eight chapter of the reading, my selected aspect revolves around Hofstede's six cultural dimensions. Primarily, Hofstede's six cultural dimensions include; power distance index, individualism versus collectivism, indulgence versus restraint, masculinity versus femininity, uncertainty avoidance index, and long term versus short term orientation dimension (Bucher, 2010, p. 217-238). Through these cultural dimensions, they are significant in providing insight and impact on my personal and professional life by assisting me to distinguish leadership in a cultural context.

My Strengths and Improvements in Diversity Consciousness

Diversity is critical in society since it set up significant interaction between individuals. In the understanding of diversity, the occurrence of diversity consciousness serves a paramount aspect, particularly in personal and professional life. However, one of the strengths I have been able to detect in regards to diversity consciousness is my willingness and ability to learn. Diversity consciousness is not a static occurrence but dynamic meaning that development is necessary. Thus, my desire and ability to learn sets an unusual phenomenon since it increases my chances to develop. Additionally, I see my leadership skills and communication skills as my strength since over the process of learning concerning diversity consciousness; I have been able to understand the various barriers to diversity success. In most of the cases, I have a proper understanding of the communication skill particularly across cultures since, about my background, I have interacted with people from different cultures.

Comparatively, there are areas that I still need to work on about diversity consciousness. For example, I need to work on my teamwork skills. In every interaction particularly in the workplace, teamwork plays a significant role since it defines the success of various projects. Also, I need to work on my diversity skills since I believe they represent the entire goal and purpose surrounding diversity consciousness. Therefore, to accomplish this, I will develop an assessment sheet that will hel...

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