Early Childhood Interest in Law - Essay Sample

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Ever since my early childhood days, I have always had an interest in legal topics. My interest in law was mainly influenced by my family members. There are several legal practitioners in the family including my father, my uncle, and my eldest brother. Besides the family members, I strongly believe my interest in law sparked when I accompanied my father to a working visit in the city. The working visit involved representing a client at the court of law. I was lucky to get inside the court and watch my dad present argument after another and rebut those from the prosecution (and the plaintiff) throughout the three-hour court session. I consider those three hours as the most thrilling, fascinating, impactful, and decisive moments of my life up to this day. The resultant exoneration of my dad's client reinforced my newly developed passion for becoming a respected attorney at law. In addition, the numerous headlines on newspapers and Television about how lawyers formed the frontline in the fight for human rights throughout the world together with the fact that I grew up in a country widely known for violation of human rights further reinforced my dream of becoming a lawyer.

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After graduating from the Sultanate of Oman, I have become increasingly inclined to pursue my dream. As such, I feel it is paramount and urgent more now than ever that I pursue a postgraduate LLM program, specifically UK based legal education and rigorous training that will equip me with knowledge and insights from an international perspective. Undoubtedly, undoubtedly, the legal system of a country is closely intertwined to its social, political, economic, and cultural conditions. In particular, commercial law (that I intend to study) is a broad branch of law concerned with the rights, interactions, and conduct of people and businesses involved in commerce. Commercial law is often considered a type of civil law that addresses issues relating to both public and private law. In other words, it regulates corporate contracts, recruitment procedures and practices, and the production of goods. I strongly believe that the best way to learn this discipline is from the developed countries in the world (which have developed comprehensive statements and frameworks of commercial law) and explore their complex and advanced legal systems.

Apart from having one of the top eight biggest economies in the world, the United Kingdom is highly recognized for its advanced and high-quality education system. In addition, the UK boasts for having one of the oldest and most well-developed legal systems globally. These factors motivate me to apply for a Masters degree in Commercial Law from your prestigious University. I have a solid conviction that my passion in this subject, my vast knowledge acquired from an undergraduate degree, and my enthusiasm to conduct academic research will be valuable tools that will help in the successful completion of the proposed postgraduate degree.

My Bachelor's degree in law provided me an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of law and exposed me to the common branches of individual laws. My focus was mainly on such categories as civil law, contract law, rights and privileges of employees and employers, and international commerce law. The awards and excellence certificates I received are evidence of my academic mastery and excellence.

Given that law is more of an applied discipline rather than a theoretical ideology, I have made significant efforts to apply the knowledge acquired and gain experience by taking internships at major law firms during the holidays. In the past summer, I worked as an intern in a major law firm whereby I was a member of the Arbitration Committee which was tasked with resolving major commerce conflicts. During my time in the committee, I applied the knowledge learned in the classroom to help my team resolve the cases. Importantly, I gained a deeper and practical understanding of commerce laws from the more experienced team members.

Due to the rapid technological advances, media proliferation, and social progress in many aspects, economic globalization has increasingly gained speed resulting in the interdependence of global economies amongst other irreversible effects. With the rise of dominant economic players in Asia such as China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, more economic partnerships and relationships have been forged with the regional and international players at an unprecedented speed. Typically, traders from developing countries like Oman are often exploited by those from the developed countries in the global commerce arena. That is due to the lack or presence of weak legal frameworks and inadequate knowledge of the international laws of trade that protect all players. In this view, my goal is to obtain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies international trade and specifically the laws that apply to all traders. With such knowledge, I will be well-positioned to promote trade between local, regional, and international players by preventing exploitation and seeking compensation for the exploited parties. I have researched both online and print and realized that your institution is renowned for its leading position in teaching and research of international commerce law. That together with the highly advanced educational resources in your faculty makes your University my ideal choice.

I believe you will consider my application and offer me an opportunity to join your institution and acquire rich knowledge of commerce law.

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