Ecology Essay Proposal: For Preventing a Long Term Perpetuation and Escalation of Global Warming

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Date:  2021-06-17

I visualize those who inhabit this planet with great dismay when they encounter it briefly in search for cooler and healthier planets even after they see the exponentially encroaching effect of global warming. The harmful environmental phenomenon is caused by copious amounts of air pollution and the irresponsible use of natural resources which eventually eats away at ice in the Artic and evicts. The result is the endangering and eviction of the polar bears and the walruses as it purloins the livelihood of the coastal villages.

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I am greatly perturbed to indicate that global warming will in the next future cause the snowball to turn into an untamed beast which will manifest itself in the extreme weather, vigorous persistence of fatal disease and the disturbance of the migration patterns of the animals. I can concur that all parties agree with me on the fact that global warming is a life threatening occurrence in the present deplorable state of the planet and a very disconcerting grievance. It is so befitting that the person who would identify a way to execute the effects of climate change would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I have done my calculations and seen that in the next five years or so, people from different part of the world will be swimming an endless summer and some will be donning Cossacks and parkas. With the simple solution presented by researchers like recycling, avoiding the use of fossils fuels, protesting deforestation and avoiding synthetic materials like plastic will not be implemented on time, then the society will be induced to be catapulted more than 200 years backward.

I suggest that rather that dissuade the industrial toxic material excretion, we should do away with it all the same in a process that is both socially, political and environmentally significant. Every individual should abstain from any action that is considered even a little unsustainable including even the use of electricity making us go backward to the 19th century. In this situation, the most popular mode of transport will be by foot or cycle a bicycle.

The assembled bicycle will have to be kept in a mint condition, and if not then an artisan would craft them individually due to the population. The electricity that is our home will have to be replaced by sunlight during the day, and at night the candles will have to do the trick. The food will be cooked over a fire, and finally, the emission of greenhouse gasses will plummet to zero, and thankfully the planet will appreciate our efforts.

Without leaving transportation of crops and food items, communities will have to forage their food, hunt and gather what they can find since the sustainability above of vehicle would need to be maintained. As all of us know quite well, the continuous use of fertilizer causes cultural eutrophication in the freshwater systems, and maximum tillage causes exhaustion. It would, therefore, be considerate to plant millions of thousands of trees so that enough oxygen will be produced reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. In so doing, the planet will start healing as a result of the newly found respect towards its well-being.

The sudden change will be agonizing to enforce and also implement although, with the social compliance and the synergy, the impressive solutions will be considered to be effortless. With the success of implementation, a human would become a society of billions of people who depend on each other to save the planet from extinction. I have no valid objection that would prevent the proposal from being implemented unless it is claimed that the 19th-century lifestyle is almost impossible to maintain and go to. I would acknowledge the fact that most of the modern individuals do not have skills, expertise, and experience to survive without electricity and imported foods. The reader should notice that the problem of coping with the 19th-century style is inconsequential compared to the calamitous consequences that would befall the planet and humankind in the blatant abuse of the mother nature. My proposal of prohibiting all the activities that are unsustainable will cultivate a flawless, thriving community that can do anything in their power to survive.

It, therefore, goes without saying that no person should, therefore, speak of another ingenious solution like educating the causes and effects of global warming, coming up with eco-friendly policies, incorporating recycling and decreasing the zeal of affluence plaguing modern society. My propagation of a global culture of respect and veneration for our home is mostly through addressing people on the significance of sustainable lifestyle.

You can agree with me that if we let the solution of climate change be handled by the government, will increase our heinous sins even more. For the last 20 years the governments have been given the task to reduce the impact of climate change, but instead, it has used the problem as an excuse to build more nuclear power ditching the other green policies. Money for biodiversity has been slashed, pollution and waste control weakened not to mention sustainable development policies rejection.

The ministerial attention has been focused on the energy companies together with carbon polluters. When I see trees with sticks of carbon and air gasses, the sight becomes esoteric and emotionally stultifying. The gravest sin is what is happening to our air quality as climate change continue to climb the political agenda. The governments cannot tell us that more people will continue to suffer grievous illness and will eventually die from the filthy air shrouding the city than from any warming of the environment in the next 30 years. It is because of the estimates on the global burden of diseases that it has been made known of the reality of things. More than 7 million of individuals die from air pollution in every year. The number is quite large compared to people who die from HIV and malaria altogether.

With all that been said, we should all return to the basic and address all the issues that have been conveniently ignored. All the factors that make climate change worse should be addressed. It is a case of looking after the green pennies and letting the green pounds take care of themselves. I hope that nobody should suggest these notions to me unless they have a spark hope that these actions might be implemented. I do appreciate the solution put forth to this topic, I simply have spent time contemplating on the subject, and I am confident that my approach is the only solution to the problem that the world is facing of global warming.

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