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Essay Example: Negative and Positive Aspects of Stress

Date:  2021-05-20 23:50:53
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Technically, in most cases stress is perceived in negative terms, but generally stress can effectively manifest itself in both negative and positive manner. Specifically, stress is seen to be positive when the general situation is in a position of providing advantage or an opportunity for one when it comes to gaining something, for example, positive stress has high chances of improving athletic performance and an overall adaptation, reaction and motivation to the environment. On the negative side, some of the negative side of stress includes the harmful impact in the body, like risk of heart attack, strokes, dwarfism, anxiety, discomfort and depression caused by mental illness.

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The body is able to respond to stress, through increase in breathing, increase I heart rate, decrease in the digestive activity and the liver starts releasing high level of glucose to produce energy. Additionally, the hypothalamus that is found in the brain is able to respond to stress through sending signals to the adrenal medulla and the pituitary gland, the adrenaline produced in the process is able to cause sweating and high pulse rate which is not healthy. Additionally, some of the overstress symptoms include, sleeping problems, reproductive issues, heart disease, depression and anxiety, cognitive and memory problems and weight problems, seeing only negative things, loneliness and isolation, depression and inability to concentrate.

Some of the stress producing situations include, major life changes like getting married and having to raise kids, work at school, being too busy , financial challenges, relationship difficulties, worry that are caused by the existence of chronic, negative self talk, unrealistic expectations, rigid thinking and pessimism.

Technically type A personality has higher chances of being preoccupied by accomplishment in life, social status, and self esteem. This type of personality is impatient, and prone to anger, they are stressed easily and have higher risk of developing heart ailments on the other hand type B personality, normally are relaxed and has lower incidence of heart problems since they have a higher indulgent of tolerance. Basically they are reported t experience higher level of satisfaction. Notably, the basic meaning of assertiveness is a form of behavior that is associated by confident affirmation without the demand of any proof; it actually affirms individual rights with no aggressiveness act of threatening ones right.

Lastly, some of the stress management techniques include, identifying the source of stress in your life that can include, moving home or losing a loved one, additionally one should be in a position of learning healthier ways to cope with the stress like being positive always and depending on God, on the other side its high chances that one should get moving through committing to productive activities like sports. Additionally one is suppose to connect with others, through this he or she can focus on achieving emotional support and have fun.

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