Essay Sample on Three Unanswered Questions about Faith, Morals, and Ethics

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Date:  2022-08-29


Faith is the trust or belief in someone or something, and in religious it is the belief in the doctrines by convictions spiritually other than proofs. The moral is the right and wrong principles or the accepted behaviors. Ethics are the ethos governing the conduct of a person. There are several questions on faith, morals, and ethics that have gone unanswered for an extended period due to the strong argument is given by respondents on each side thus lacking a universal stand. The three questions that I have are; why is it believed that when one does god, good follow them in return? The second one is, is euthanasia moral? And lastly is, is the Supreme Being accepted by all religions the same?

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Firstly, there has been no answer provided into the belief that when one does good, good follow them in return. Many people have been bad but good has been done to them back, for example, a person may be a law robber, but during the rains, the rain falls on all the farms providing yields to all the farmers irrespective of their good or bad deeds. Some people have also done good and bad done to them in return for example cases of people who house strangers out of the act of kindness, but the strangers end up organizing, and they get robbed at the middle of the night. The question has become challenging to answer since nobody can predict the future and what someone does to others today may not be the exact thing that might occur to them in the future.

Secondly, euthanasia is an act that has been of recent practiced by various medical facilities. It is difficult decisions to make between watching your loved one suffer from pain and die at last and deciding to terminate their lives in advance and prevent them from the suffering. Euthanasia is a practice which has been incorporated in the healthcare sector to end the life of patients prematurely. Euthanasia can be by the withdrawal of treatment or introduction of medicine to aid stop the life. It can be a decision made the patient voluntary or by the guardians or relatives without the consent of the patient. The introduction of the medicine may be by the physician or the patient or the third party. Euthanasia has caused a debate not only in the healthcare sector but also in religious institutions and the societies fighting for human rights as well as cultural values (Math & Chaturvedi 899). Suicides attempts are always criminal offenses and anyone who attempts still faces the law, but Euthanasia has been allowed. Euthanasia morality is, however, a subject to debate on and both sides have strong points to defend their answers thus making it hard to tackle and come to a consensus.

The third question is on the faith by the belief of the existence of a Supreme Being that is worshiped by different religious like Christian have God; Muslims have Allah, Hinduism has many Supreme Beings with each having a distinct role among others. Every believer has held strong faith in their Supreme Being, but there has been no proof of uniqueness of each religion Supreme Being or similarity of all the Supreme Beings. It has been hard to answer this question because there have been no returnees after death from each religion to share on the findings of the Supreme Being for comparisons. Therefore the question remains is the Supreme Being the same across all religions in the universe? All the three questions if answered there can exist a clear guideline and a common understanding globally of each of them.

Work Cited

Math, Suresh Bada and Santosh K Chaturvedi. "Euthanasia: the right to life vs. right to die" Indian journal of medical research vol. 136,6 (2012): 899-902..

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