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Essay Example on the Crime Rates in Cities

Date:  2021-05-20 04:52:24
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The crime rates in cities in the recent past have really increased and at a very alarming rate. This has mainly been due to high influx of individuals especially youths in search for a living or ways to gain income to progress in life. These had to extent some negative effects to the city specifically which may include overcrowding or over populated estates. In page 4, paragraph 8, And yet it's not so sure; for the buildings are so packed together about that court, that it's hard to say where one ends and another begins. Trying to depict how the buildings were packed close to each other to accommodate the large population.

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With this large number of inhabitants also brought about difference in social and economic class of individuals page 2, paragraph 3, The inhabitants were all doing well, it seemed, and all emulously hoping to do better still, and laying out the surplus of their gains in coquetry; so that the shop fronts stood along that thoroughfare with an air of invitation, like rows of smiling saleswomen. Even on Sunday, when it veiled its more florid charms and lay comparatively empty of passage, the street shone out in contrast to its dingy neighborhood. This however contrast the social class of the neighboring individuals in page 2, paragraph 3, It was two stories high; showed no window, nothing but a door on the lower story and a blind forehead of discolored wall on the upper; and bore in every feature, the marks of prolonged and sordid negligence. The door, which was equipped with neither bell nor knocker, was blistered and distained

Most people flood the cities in such from jobs to gain income which means people can do anything to gain something in case of scarcity in jobs or ways to start business. With these it meant many streets in the town would be very busy with many shopfronts facing the streets and all kind of different activities taking place in those stores. In page 2, paragraph 3, It chanced on one of these rambles that their way led them down a by-street in a busy quarter of London. The street was small and what is called quiet, but it drove a thriving trade on the week-days. However as some start jobs as per the career theyve learned it consumes almost all of their time that they may not have time to do some other basic tasks. This meant when one had some time off they would do anything possible to make sure they dont receive any call or do anything related to their work instead prefer to enjoy themselves fully page 2, paragraph 2-3, For all that, the two men put the greatest store by these excursions, counted them the chief jewel of each week, and not only set aside occasions of pleasure, but even resisted the calls of business, that they might enjoy them uninterrupted. The career choice also in some extent affected their personal social life status and well-being due to the time consumed their time as compared to being a lawyer doctors had very lavish life page 15, paragraph 36, Mr. Utterson was at last received into the doctor's cabinet. It was a large room, fitted round with glass presses, furnished, among other things, with a cheval-glass and a business table, and looking out upon the court by three dusty windows barred with iron. Page 14, paragraph 33,In the whole extent of the house, which but for the old woman remained otherwise empty, Mr. Hyde had only used a couple of rooms; but these were furnished with luxury and good taste. A closet was filled with wine; the plate was of silver, the napery elegant; a good picture hung upon the walls, a gift from Henry Jekyll, who was much of a connoisseur; and the carpets were of many plies and agreeable in colour.

Some people also did jobs that in some way or another had to involve them with crime page 15, paragraph 36, "Carew was my client, but so are you, and I want to know what I am doing. You have not been mad enough to hide this fellow?"

Most crimes had to come up due to this high population and mostly was murder cases of prominent people in the area in Page 12, paragraph 28, NEARLY a year later, in the month of October, 18-, London was startled by a crime of singular ferocity and rendered all the more notable by the high position of the victim. The painful thing is that the people and the police around the neighborhood however did not respond fast nor did they care to such incidents page 12, paragraph 30,It was two o'clock when she came to herself and called for the police. The murderer was gone long ago; but there lay his victim in the middle of the lane, incredibly mangled the crimes were in some extent planned by same prominent individuals in the area and they did not inly involve murder but also theft and trying to hide evidence while associating other individuals with the same page 13, paragraph 30, A purse and a gold watch were found upon the victim: but no cards or papers, except a sealed and stamped envelope, which he had been probably carrying to the post, and which bore the name and address of Mr. Utterson. The crimes also were involved the use of drugs page 36, paragraph 85, I hesitated long before I put this theory to the test of practice. I knew well that I risked death; for any drug that so potently controlled and shook the very fortress of identity, might by the least scruple of an overdose or at the least inopportunity in the moment of exhibition, utterly blot out that immaterial tabernacle which I looked to it to change.

The crimes were planned and organized by people whom nobody could ever imagine page 22 paragraph 41, "You know the doctor's ways, sir," replied Poole, "and how he shuts himself up. Well, he's shut up again in the cabinet; and I don't like it, sirI wish I may die if I like it. Mr. Utterson, sir, I'm afraid."

In conclusion all the activities and way of life in the cities are connected in some way and its like the part of life in many cities that we live in off recent. There are many negative impacts that come with large population in our town whom all try to have access to the scarce resources available there.

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