Essay on 21st Century Issues Based on Films: The Matrix, Hairspray, Shawshank Redemption

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Date:  2021-05-28

One: The Matrix

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The Matrix is a clear film that tries to explain the very existence on the world, from its origin, the current status, the previous lives, their endings and the future of the universe. In fact, the matrix is a reality, where the universe is a simulation of the past. The movie indicates that the world is made of codes each of which includes a matrix. However, the human race does not know that model controls the universe and that agents will one time destroy the world plus the entire race. In this regard, science tends to go against the biblical teachings that explain that God created the universe and all that is in it. According to Genesis chapter one, God created the world from the void. For an understanding of the movie, and its implication the religious beliefs, the paper will examine it in three parts; the world behind the film, the world within the film, and the world after the movie.

The pre-matrix era, the universe, and humanity were destroyed by agents since no one could stand against the destruction. There was a clash between the human race and machines programs for supremacy. Machine-coded agents invaded the universe and overthrown man. For example, in the matrix, the world was a simulation of the future computers. From the background, all aspects of the universe simulate the ancestors. Therefore, all religions were same during the ancestral simulations.

Within the matrix, the universe has fully developed though much advancement still occur. During this point of the model, the human being operates in similar fashion as computers. The world has advanced much more than the past era bust still retains the same characteristics of the previous universe. That today, our world is made of equations that a combination of computer codes. Ideally, the matrix indicates that we are living in computer system reality and the human mind has been simulated and operates just like computers which use systems. For example, what is real in the universe is merely the electrical signal sent from the human mind to interpret data into information. That real that is composed of feeling, taste and touch are all codes and matrixes that form the universe. From this understand man only knows God by knowing thyself. Those ancestors knew everything about the man and the world which is one and the same thing. Therefore, if a person wants to look for God, man can find it in himself. In Genesis, God made man in His likeness.

The world in front of the matrix will resemble the current world with much advancements in coding and forms. Man and the universe will continue to be connected. The man has all the power of the world in his body. Just as Jesus taught that all men are equal, so as people in the past, current, and future will be. As such, before man search for the meaning of the universe, man needs to understand himself. For example, the Bible likens man as Gods images, meaning that anything that is composed of me consists of God. That man is microcode of macro codes of God. Today, all the codes is a reality as it is seen in the computer coding which is the copy cut of the first textbook-man. If computers are made with systems, yet they operates same as men, then the universe is inside men. All the biblical teachings, and fulfills the genetic coding. The film is a manifestation that there is no difference between man and God, since if God is the universe which is made of a matrix of a human body, then man and God are same. Besides, the world meaning circle has no meaning, no end, powerful just as God and man have all that which is in the universe. For example, Revelation has the seven seals of the human body that reveal the meaning of the universe and salvation that Jesus come to deliver humanity from a mad body. Just as Jesus come to salvage humanity, Neo saved the human race in the Matrix. In conclusion, the matrix is a reality in the 21 century that needs salvation from the many evils that befall the universe, and it is only the one-Jesus who will save the man.

Two: Hairspray

The film Hairspray is an American movie based on the Hairplay music system that creator John Walter developed. The composer uses the main character-Tracy Turnblad- to convey his theme of segregation and racism. Therefore, the film is an advocate against racial discrimination that was common in America and the colonized Africa states such as South Africa.

The world before the movie saw rampant racial segregation of blacks and reconstruction era was ending. At the time, North and South America were healing their wounds with most whites abandoning their protection for African Americans. Ideally, the local government promoted exclusivism since the government constructed an isolated system that built a society founded on white supremacy. For example, African American were not allowed to vote. Bad laws such as the Jim Crow perpetuated racism because it separated blacks from whites in hospitals, jobs, schools, and social gathering. In fact, it was during this time that terrorist grouped including the Ku Klux Klan was formed to fight reconstruction reforms and cause fear into African Americans. The grouped used fear, brutality, and killings to oppose the changes that the government intended to build to make the whites high again.

The world within Hairspray was a time when racial segregation was fought. The movie uses a pump lady Tracy who opposes racism against her since she is obese. She seems to bother by the resentment she receives from her peers. Given that she understand herself and appreciate her self-worth, she joins a dance club and works hard to be a star. Her character is judged by her body language, the way she moves her body swiftly while dancing is a manifestation of her welcoming nature and flexibility to humankind. Besides, she uses a happy facial expression different from what other racists would do to her. The movie is a representation of the many African American who after civil war were optimistic to be fully accepted by the white citizens. As a matter of fact, some whites did take the blacks, but some out of sheer ignorance, resentment, selfishness, perpetuated division and hatred. For fighting racism, the film uses different songs, lyrics, rhythm, and style, to build the theme, momentum, and the mood of the story and sustain the storyline for an extended period. Besides, the dialogues subordinated the music to provide an intense atmosphere that shows racism. Tracy is the heroine in the film, who struggle in all odds to stardom through dancing. When started her career, nobody believed in her because of her overweight. But through her self-belief and determinations, she uses music and dance to advocate for love for all people regardless of their race, gender, and skin color.

Three: Shawshank Redemption

The world in front of the film is full of the promise of freedom to the former slaves. Freedom from the whip, freedom from slavery and trade of blacks to the whites. The world in front is full of hope and reassurance that after the long struggle against racism, blacks will enjoy quality education, job opportunities, self-worth, and full citizenship. The Hairspray film applies to the 21-century issues that Christian face. In most regions, Christian faith has been questioned and persecuted. To stand firm and fro the faith, Christian need to use whatever it is they have to fight prejudice and persecution. In fact, it is through healthy and good will that the world will become a loving place for all. Also, the church should not segregate against anybody but be inclusive and welcoming to anyone who needs salvation and truth of Jesus Christ. Today, a lot is taking place thanks to technology, as such, the church has to play a critical role in showing the true way of leaving as one race and children is a unity God.

The world within the film revolves around two central themes including the burden of isolation and prison, and the power of hope and self-belief. In the movie every prisoner in Shawshank jail to manifest how human beings hide from themselves from functioning well without rules. Just in real life, in Shawshank prisons, there are levels of isolations: large (recreation yard) to work crews, to the cellblock, solitary confinement, and cells. The prison puts restriction to the inmates with the harsh condition than the outside world. For example, in the prisons there exists the sister who sodomize fellow inmates a pointer of how worse and the rotten worlds system are including condiments. Besides, the bars and the confines are a manifestation of how the inmates have isolated themselves and compromised their human identity. Some of the prisoners have lost self-worth and identity and believe they can only perform better when isolated from the society. For instance, Elwood Blatch claims he is a hardened criminal who deserves to be in jail. However, Andy still has his identity and never lost his sense of freedom. According to Red, Andy is an exemplary individual who he admires to be and hope that one day he will be free again and live happily in the society. The other theme is the power of hope which is stronger than anything else. For example, out of Andys determination and faith, he can maintain his human dignity and identity. Hope is the general feeling that makes Andy keep on finding his way out of prison to get freedom. Forget his way out through faith, Andy pretends to be a real person, persuades everybody to believe in him but lastly become a victim of prison life.

In my ministry, I would use the Shawshank redemption to spread and encourage fellow brethren to have hope since it is a good thing. I will begin by having hope for good things in the Christian live and influence others to develop the sense of identity and have the power of hope to act. Since faith without action is dead, I will use my faith through to reach out to the world and tell them the truth about Gods teaching and hopefully, I believe together we will make the world a better place again.

My experience of Jesus, Popcorn and me movie keeps my faith alive and appreciate the gift of life and love that God gives me. Through the film, I get convinced that God has a great purpose with the human race, no wonder he gave his only begotten son to be crucified and to die for human sake. I watch the moving, and it gives me hope that though the suffering of Jesus Christ, I am redeemed and renewed into a new being. But again, I understand that I have to live an exemplary life if I were to enjoy the freedom given by God through the cross.


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