Essay on Chemistry Ethical Issues

Date:  2021-06-14 10:50:22
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Science has developed for a common goal of advancing the world in a positive way. With the advancement of science that is being experienced in the 21st century, science and technology have altered the way people connect, live, transact, and communicate as well as carry out economic developments. Science and technology have been the basis for which the world has developed profoundly. The smart brains in the world converge to make life safe, comfortable, better and secure. Things that were not possible earlier are no longer a problem. Human beings have reached a point in life where living without science and technology is unbearable and utterly impossible. Mind blowing scientific advancements in fields like medicine have been brought to life. Genetics, irradiation of food product, cloning and cell step research are some of the improvements that people are currently enjoying. However, science is a useful and a good servant but a bad, destructive master on the other hand.

Scientists in the movie fat man and little boy find themselves between the devil and the deep blue ocean. They had to choose between progressing with the making of the first bomb in the Manhattan Project and live with the consequences of its use or stop making the bomb and have the law meddle in their lives day and night. Initially, the bomb was to be made as a security measure of America against the aggressive German army. However, Japan becomes the victims as around more than 200,000 people died as a result of bombing originating from the Manhattan project. The use of the bomb on innocent people is among the most unethical scientific misuse activities. A project made for a good course ended leaving citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki wishing they were never born.


The worlds population has exploded over the past few years, thanks to science which has increased food supplies, raised nutrition levels and thus an improvement in living standards and saving of many lives in the world. However, there are ethical issues that the scientists involved should put into consideration. There are known health complications associated with Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) which include allergies, long-term effects which have not been anticipated, for now, adding of food additives as well as making proteins which cannot be ingested by a human body part of the foods. Same case as that in the movie Fat man and little boy where people were on the dark side on what was being made, the side effects of GMOs are unknown to many. Scientists should be ethical enough to let people know what they make in the labs and the implications on people. The users of scientific products are entitled to the full details and descriptive information of what science has to offer.

Stop Playing God

In the above bomb-making movie, the lead expert in bomb creation is told by one of the scientists to stop acting God since he was not good at it and that the position was already occupied. He said these words when their project risked and cost the life of one of their colleague. The same should be related to the scientist in todays world. The society appreciates their great work in science advancement, especially in medicine where they have been able to discover drugs to fight chronic diseases like cancer. However, cloning of human beings is just beyond the responsibilities of human beings. The society already has enough and even excess people in the world thus making others would be adding burden to the world. The work of creation should be left to God and not be a project in the laboratories.


Scientists should be driven by their consciousness, as this would help them know what is best even if they cannot find the appropriate terms to explain what they consider as right. In the movie fat man and little boy, the scientists had a feeling that they were targeting to make way for a wrong course, and that prompted them to start resistance until their fears were addressed although their efforts to achieve this bore no fruits. In modern science, the scientists should use their conscious to guide their research. For instance, in stem cell research, there is the destruction of the human embryos which is unethical. The same applies to the making of the GMOs where people who consume such foods are exposed to many diseases like cancer. Consciousness would help guide scientists invent what is socially acceptable or rather modified the unethical issues till they fit the standards before availing them to the world for use.

Taking Full Responsibilities for Their Research

Every scientist who feels that they can change the world should feel free to do so. However, it would be necessary to put stringent measures where each one of them would take full responsibility for the outcomes of their research. Full responsibility should be inclusive of the side effects of the innovation. In the movie fat man and little boy, no one was punished by the law after the massive deaths caused in Japan. However, nature has a way of paying back to the evil done on other as the General died of heart complications and the lead expert in bomb making died of cancer later on. International restricting laws should be put in place to regulate the freedom of scientists or the good of all.



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