Essay on the Application of Mathematics in the Modern World

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Date:  2021-05-27

Mathematics refers to the study of numbers and quantity, change, capacity, and structure. On the other hand, the golden age in mathematics refer to a period in history in which most of the inventions in this discipline such as Algebra and Algorithm came. Mathematics is a dynamic subject that is used in interdisciplinary research. Therefore, the golden age is bound to continue as people continue applying its concepts to solve problems. As we speak, new inventions and applications in mathematics are being made. For instance, mathematicians from Tomsk State University in Russia are working on a universal mathematical solution to the theory of queueing. It involves the calculation of most efficient system operation and processing of the flow that is incoming. The primary intention is to reduce queues in banks and shopping centers and solve the congestion of communication during holidays.

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The Fields Medal is an award given to up to four mathematicians who are under forty years. It occurs after every four years and is considered the highest honor on can achieve in the field of mathematics. In 2006, the prize went to Andrei Okounkov, Grigori Perelman, Terence Tao, and Wendelin Werner for various contributions in the science. However, it is interesting to note that for the first time in the history of the awards, Perelman declined it. He did not explain officially why he refused, but speculations indicated his reclusive nature and personal issues with the Maths community.

Given the dynamicity of this discipline, significant developments are likely to be realized in various fields in the 21st century. We are going to see the applications of mathematical theories in technology and machinery. The world is exhibiting a transformation in which human labor is being replaced by technological advancements. Currently, most of the mathematical scientists are addressing computer applications based on mathematical approaches. For instance, the concepts of computer science are based on discrete mathematics developed by individuals aiming to revolutionize the world.

As to whether mathematics was invented or discovered, I support the views of the Platonists that it was discovered. Since it uses numbers and objects, I believe that it is a natural language that would still exists even if there is no universe. It attempts to explain nature and for human beings to realize and utilize its presence. Also, I view the subject as applied because it can be used practically. It attempts to create, make a prediction, and explain real things that happen. For instance, the number theory is used in encryption systems for computers probability and statistics are used in the planning of policies. Additionally, I consider the discipline universal rather than culturally determined. It employs logic and uses the same formula regardless of the culture. Furthermore, although concepts like algorithm and algebra were initially introduced in Arabic, they have remained uniform across different languages and cultures.

If working as a mathematician, I would like to venture into statistics. Statistical applications are used in various sectors such as banks, governments, businesses, accounting and social sciences. It involves interpreting and analyzing data. It appears interesting because it enables one to react on statistical claims in an intelligent manner. In particular, I would work as an economist in the government. They use statistics to come up with demand-supply curves, rates of inflation, and per capita income. Also, the government makes budgets based on the information given by economists inform of analyzed data.

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