Essay on Governmental Agencies

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Date:  2021-05-31

The governmental agencies are used to guide the healthcare system with the objective and goals to improve the quality of medical services. Some of the governmental agencies have even taken their initiatives to educate and implement evidence-based practices in the healthcare systems. An example of a governmental agency is the agency for healthcare research and quality (, 2017). is accessible for advancing excellence in healthcare. This agency has more to do with quality and patient safety where it offers a program focused on patient safety. Some of the accessible programs include AHRQ healthcare-associated infection program, patient safety organization (PSO) program, and improving diagnostic safety. The programs can be used by the healthcare leaders to implement programs that will ensure success in reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.

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The next governmental agency is the centers for disease control and prevention accessible at The CDC agency is accessible by healthcare facilities for patient safety. The agency also offers programs like healthcare-associated infections (HAI) to address patient safety. Regarding the project on reducing HAPU incidence, leaders should use this agency and advocate other colleagues on its usefulness on patient safety during practice (, 2017). The third agency is an agency for healthcare research and quality (advancing excellence in healthcare) which is accessible at This agency offers leaders with evidence-based practice guidelines to manage healthcare for instance, "Fall prevention. In: Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice." The above agency can be used by the leaders to implement evidence-based protocols for managing HAPU incidence (, 2017). Additionally, another accessible governmental agency is Patient Safety and Quality: An evidence-based handbook for nurses which is accessible at This agency is accessible by nurse leaders and their colleagues to improve patient quality and quality care when managing hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (Mitchell, 2017). The project leader, as well as other colleagues in the project, should apply the quality improvement, patient safety, and evidence-based measures for the success of the project. Adult patients in the intensive care unit with HAPU cases will, therefore, benefit from the application of EBP, quality improvement and patient safety measures when implemented by the project leader.

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