Essay on Multiculturalism in Workplace: My Experience of Interacting With People From Different Ethnic Communities

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Date:  2021-06-14

I never knew that being involved in the field work would give me a new sensation and inspiration to becoming a teacher. I had always been afraid of interacting with people from different ethnic communities with the fear that I would not fit in. After going to that class where the students spoke both Spanish and English, I found myself enjoying the field experience and it made me plan to teach multicultural or social justice studies. After seeing how the students were eager to learn about American politics I took it upon myself to make efforts and try to understand how people from different culture interact.

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I had a chance to work with a student who was from a different language, and I have to admit at first her shyness and quietness struck me as weird. With all the stereotypes about multicultural, I was not sure on how to react to first having a Spanish student at my disposal. Though she spoke little, I could also gather that the culture difference was what was hindering the conversation despite her shyness. All the same, I managed to work with her, and I pass through the fact that having to interact with someone different is part of learning and it allows one to appreciate other peoples way of life and their choices.

Multiculturalism is a social response to the cultural diversity which includes norms of acceptance, respect for and even tolerance to others. Multicultural presumes the interpersonal and intergroup relations, social institutions and also the social structures. Multiculturalism allows all the individuals to participate in social relationships so that there is no extended conflict. When in the field work, I operated with the notion that the Spanish student was quite because of the language difference or ethnic different. After working out in the field, I considered the fact that personal identity emanates from an individuals quality as advocates of differentiation. As my field experience came out perfect, I realized that diversity is what makes people unique and thus my interest in multiculturalism.

My belief was changed since I used to believe in the stereotype about multiculturalism. The fact is when I took the field work I could almost see as if it was true. I considered that people from different ethnic languages could not fit in a different culture and that their potential would always be undermined. I was wrong all along since visiting those Spanish students learning and observing them together with my civic colleague allowed me to appreciate that its all about experience and being in the same boat as them that one will understand how it feels to be different.

My interest seemed to widen as I indulged more in the field exercise. I was able to change my stance on ethnicity and cultural diversity. With the history of current cases of biases and discrimination, I learned that individualism and multiculturalism are not always dependent and that ethnicity should be respected and not made worse through discrimination. In my short field learning, I realized that I could major in social justice and open the eyes and minds of people on how to respect every person and to embrace change.

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