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Essay on Ocean Acidification

Date:  2021-05-20 04:44:10
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Ocean acidification has been a growing problem in the modern society and has been dependent on gas, mindset wasteful and electricity. CO2 increase concentration in the oceans can have adverse effects on its ecosystem, and there is a distinct rise in the acidity of the ocean. When sea water absorbed carbon dioxide, the chemical reaction is termed as ocean acidification. A quarter of the carbon dioxide that is emitted does not dwell in the air, but most of it is absorbed in the ocean (Iglesias-Rodriguez 7239). Research has it that twenty-two million tons of CO2 are absorbed daily by the oceans making the oceans more acidified. Ocean acidification is an emerging global problem which over the years has been impossible to predict.

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The cause of ocean acidification is as a result of too much carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, the influx of the atmospheric CO2 is the emission of fossil fuels and deforestation. Most emissions of fossil fuels emanate from gases that are spewed out of most cars, power plants, airplanes and factories (Iglesias-Rodriguez 7239). Since the era of industrial revolution, consumption of fossil fuels has been on the increase causing the influx of CO2 in the atmosphere. The increase in carbon dioxide, therefore, leads to climate change and other issues that are related to it like ocean acidification.

Increase rate of deforestation is also a major cause of the CO2 increase. When human burn down trees, they risk of emitting a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere becomes high. Forests are an important part of the plant life since they are known to absorb carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesis (Cichowska and Kosakowska 129). Research has indicated that there should be a balance of the level of CO2 that means that the amount of CO2 produced should be the same as that absorbed to avoid ocean acidification. Deforestation does not only create more CO2, but it also destroys the one thing that can help to absorb it.

Ocean acidification impacts on the life since the PH of the ocean fluctuates within the limits that are set by the natural processes, and therefore the ocean organism that is not well adapted to extreme conditions suffers and die. Some species become extinct as a result. Coral life can be affected by the acidified water, and they can struggle a lot to adapt, and they can be affected before they even tart to construct their homes (Brander and Havenhand 135). Some organism like starfish, oysters, and other marine life can be lost causing other animals who relies on them for food and habitat.

Ocean acidification changes the organisms ecosystem whereby they reduce the shell and skeleton production, change in biogas production and feedback to climate and they also change the assemblages, food webs and ecosystems (Iglesias-Rodriguez 7230). The ocean life plays a significant role in the ocean due to its dimension structures that host biodiversity and the components of food chain considerably. Some of the organism provides services to the humans through the provision of food, protecting the shoreline and supporting tourism when they become extinct a lot of vacuum will be left in the ecosystem.

Ocean acidification is regarded as a global warming evil twin. There has been a debate on the connection between CO2 emission and climate change. The increase in CO2 emission enhances the acid in the ocean, and it also causes global warming. Ocean acidification has been seen as the effect of global warming out of the consequences of the greenhouse gas effects which are the key cause of global warming. It has been reported that over the years the earth ocean has been maintaining in a state of equilibrium and it is with this stability, that the seas had risen and flourished (Brander & Havenhand 140). The ancient balance, however, is being undone by the rapid increase drop in the surface pH that is as a result of the global consequences. The relationship existence of ocean acidification and global warming is their causes. The cause of acidification and global warming are the same since they are both caused by the emissions of CO2 from the fossil fuels, destruction of trees by human and their advancement in technology.

The anthropogenic activities which leads to emissions of tons of carbon dioxide have been absorbed by the ocean over time thus causing ocean acidification. The rapid increase in the greenhouse gas concentration are the acting drivers towards the changes in the ocean for over an extended period with an associated risks of fundamental and irreversible change in the environmental area.

The functional change in the ocean is due to the anthropogenic climate change that goes beyond the death, extinction and habitat loss (Brander & Havenhand 150). Ocean acidification has been an impact of global warming on the greenhouse gases has been subjected to action. It I therefore right to accept the fact that ocean acidification cannot occur if global warming and its causes are prevented. Just like research indicates, global warming and ocean acidification are similar with its causes and also its impact, the only difference is that acidification is as a result of global warming.


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