Essay Sample on Abusive Relationships

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Date:  2022-08-31


The need for companionship is a universal desire shared by all living things; to feel the security of another, to have the confidence knowing someone will always be there, and sharing time, companionship, lovemaking, laughter and playing with someone with whom a deep connection is felt. There is no doubt that relationships are a rollercoaster of emotions, and each (past, present and future) relationship has, had and will try, at some point in time, to navigate through the facets of the ups and downs of this manmade-machinery. However, there are times when these roller coasters get stuck and leaving all involved in a state of suspension, disbelief, and entrapment. These relationships take a turn for the worse, causing a series of abuse to occur which may include, but not limited to: emotional abuse, physical abuse, and or psychological abuse. Historically, within relationships where this deviation from societal norms has occurred it is typically the males who have donned the mask representing the dominant figurehead; subsequently, the females have bestowed the role of the submissive and casualty. Regardless of the high toxicity (level of abuse) of these environments, women still choose to remain as current residents.

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One reason women find themselves unable to leave the abusive marriages is that of their children. It is understood that about 78% of women will but the welfare of their children first at the expense of their safety (Herbert, Silver, & Ellard, 2016). A woman may stay in an abusive relationship because she wants her children to have a father figure and the love of both parents. Regardless of her current situation, a mother (the majority of times) will put the needs of her children before her own, and removing her children from the only form of stability that they have come to know would prove to be a daunting task. Children react differently to the knowledge of parental separation; ideally, the news would be welcomed with understanding, but in most instances, this causes the rise of internal conflicts, on the part of the children. A mother's weakness will always be the wellbeing of her children, and because of this a stagnant behavior may be exhibited when it comes taking action against the situation at hand. However, when a woman stays in an abusive marriage for the sake of her children, she is likely to face a higher risk of abuse which may at one point be transferred to the children


Some of the characteristics of women that put them at risk of abuse include the acquirement over women main means of survival i.e. financial control, the embarrassment and shame of leaving, low self esteem and religious or cultural reasons ("Perceptions of Why Women Stay in Physically Abusive Relationships: A Comparative Study of Chinese and U.S. College Students," 2018). Other characteristics include fear of what would happen if they leave and expectations from families and friends. Lastly, some women isolate themselves from others and are not willing to talk about the abuses they are facing.


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Perceptions of Why Women Stay in Physically Abusive Relationships: A Comparative Study of Chinese and U.S. College Students. (2018). Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 088626051877826. doi:10.1177/0886260518778264

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