Essay Sample on Development of CrossFit Culture

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According to The Box, "in CrossFit's view, the goal is not to achieve specialised abilities and fitness that applies to one particular set of movements" (2). It is apparent that the founder Glassman had the intention of identifying the sport with a unique culture. Its culture dwells in its tenor that represents "cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy" ( The Box 3). Therefore the CrossFit boxes are more than just a gym, but it enhances a workout routine that is similar to foot achievements and fight elements. Additionally, it is a sport that improves the collective movement of the workout routine. Moreover, it more of a psychological enhancement of communication engagement even out of the gym and workouts.

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Greg Glassman is the founder of CrossFit's, but it initially started as Fran; established under the rules of "21 thrusters, followed by 21 pull-ups, the 15 of each, the nine of each" (Teetor 1). With such a routine, Glassman established CrossFit, "high-intensity, full body movements that obliterated the distinction between weight training and cardio workouts, which leave...than you ever dreamed" (Teetor 2). The routine of Glassman was established in his garage, but as time went by new disciplines got attracted to his system and improved in a manner that one was able to accomplish it within a day. In 2000, CrossFit Inc. was established by Glassman and by 2005, almost 13 affiliated CrossFit boxes were built. Currently, they are approximately more than ten-thousand.

Founder Greg Glassman

In 2000, CrossFit was discovered and established by teenage gymnast Greg Glassman. His primary motivation towards the establishment of the sport was his urge and spirit of becoming stronger. He found the workout routine "through the use of dumbbells and a barbell" (The Box 1). Although he did not he worked out on a routine basis; he believed that he could find an individual better than in only specific areas and not all.

Moreover, the strong character and attitude made him better at cycling than most of his friends. Additionally, "Glassman's athletic experiences directly influence ....broader time and modal domains" (The Box 2). Therefore, he focused on "specialized abilities and fitness that applies to one particular set of movements" (The Box 2).

Media and Recent Growth

Wang states that "CrossFit is possibly the biggest fitness trend in the world" (1). It is so because the sport has roughly 13,000 boxes in approximately more than a hundred and twenty countries. Moreover, in the U.S it is practiced in "more than 12,521 Starbucks locations" (Wang 2). Due to Glassman's Slogan "missing in the fitness industry" (Wang 6), he managed to start a movement of activities that enhanced individual job performance that was equally applicable to other sporting tasks.

Moreover, his brand CrossFit Inc. has guaranteed an equal source of income for the founder as well as the advertisement for the spot since most of the affiliate boxes pay to use the brand name (Wang). Moreover, companies such as Reebok has established CrossFit game with the aim of advertising and building a brand for the sport as well as issuing prizes for the winners. A platform such as YouTube is widely used by youths to showcase their modification of CrossFit (O'Connor). Unfortunately, the media has enhanced negative opinions about the game; thus, many news platforms looked down upon the sport reporting negative information on its structure and growth.

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