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Date:  2022-10-04


A dramaturgical society is a type of society in which the technologies of mass communication, social science, mass communication, arts, and theatre are used to control feelings behaviors, and attitudes of the population in the modern society (O'Neill, 2015). These combined technologies are used in the political life, in the institutions, marketplace, and industry to offer positive images of quality, service, and accountability among other images that are responsible in shaping understanding and the needs of the population while strengthening self- images of the administration, business, and the image of the politician (Doreian & Conti, 2012).

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How Social Structure Guides Our Behavior

A social structure is a group of individuals who frequently interrelate together. Social structure illustrates how individuals of different ethnicity within society develop a system of behavior considering how people should be living in the society (Rosino, 2015). Additionally, it helps us to understand who we really are in a given society and how we function in that particular society. Factors like our gender, economic status, and race play a very significant role in the social structure. For society to function properly and for its social structure formation, elements such as Adaptation- the way individuals adapt to his or her environment for survival purposes, for instance, having a family, securing a job, and his or her economic status (Lee In-sun, 2016).

Goal attainment is also one of the major elements that are necessary for forming the social structure of society. It is very important for an individual to set goals and obtain them. Similarly, integration very vital as it will assist in relating other individuals of the same interest (O'Neill, 2015). In addition, latency also plays a major role in ensuring an individual is motivated to achieve their main objectives. Such elements will shape our behavior and will determine how we conduct ourselves in society. Having goals to achieve will make us more productive and more focused; therefore, this will push us to find employment and thus improving our economic status (Doreian & Conti, 2012).

How the Research Method of Dramaturgical Analysis Observes the Ways People Deal With Everyday Life

The dramaturgical analysis is the objective that individual's daily lives can be understood as mirroring performers performed by actors on a theater platform. According to Dramaturgical analysis, human beings' daily activities in different situations are like performance presented to the audience making them much like actors (Lee In-sun, 2016). Humans beings often try to create a particular impression in others mind when presenting themselves. This impression management commences with our daily activities. Dramaturgical analysis analyses how we present ourselves differently in front of different people. How we present ourselves in front of our workmates is very different from the way we do that in front of our children, friends, and even in front of our boss (Doreian & Conti, 2012). Our life consists of a sequence of performance which includes the manner dress, our props, and our gestures and our voice tones when we communicate. Our performances usually vary based on individuals' setting (Rosino, 2015).


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