Essay Sample on Mass Shooting at School in the United States

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Date:  2022-10-15


In the recent past, there is a rise in the number of school mass shooting in the United States of America. For example, across the United States, there have been twenty-three school shooting incidences in the last twenty-one week of this year (Walker, 2018). The mass school shooting target scholars and have resulted in devastating injuries and death to both students and teachers. Nevertheless, some political authorities have sort measure to end the horrific incidences by suggesting teachers receive and carry firearms to schools for personal and in school protection. However, no legal law has been the ascent to ensure teachers and school authorities have legal firearms authority to carry the firearms to schools for protection.

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As a future educator, I would volunteer to receive gun and military training for the protection of the school pupils, students, and teachers. Receiving gun training is an accurate suggestion and right because the attackers of schools are cowards targeting the easy and soft social groups to shoot and claim responsibility quickly. However, if teachers and school administrators receive gun training, the attackers would have a hard time attacking the school. It would be hard because the school will be self-secured before the support of other security agencies arrives for help in time of school mass shooting. Moreover, as a teacher, students and pupils will have an opportunity to learn in peace knowing that the school is securely protected by the teachers who interact and teach them.

Similarly, receiving training gun training to protect the schools from mass shooting give teachers and schools an opportunity to provide real-time response to mass shooting incidences. Previous mass school shootings have had many casualties and deaths as a result of delayed police responses and lack of onsite response to the attach incidence. Therefore, I would appreciate the training to not only protect the kids in schools but at home and around the country.

As a parent, I would be very comfortable to learn that my kids' teacher comes to school with a concealed gun to protect my kid in case of a mass shoot incidence. I would be glad because the teacher will have been trained and received guidelines on how to not only teach but protect my kid fully before the police respond to the shoot incidence. The concealed gun will give me confidence on the safety of my child, instill fear of attackers, and save the life of the kids in time of need.

If the initiative to arm teachers is agreed, it would be good to tell the parents of the kids in that school and not keep the initiate a secret. Divulging the information to the parents is right because it gives the parent confidence that the teacher will directly protect the child in class in a shootout incidence. Moreover, the parents would seek to know the security strategies to protect their kid if the school does not allow teachers to carry guns to school for them to make a good security plan for their kid in case of a shootout.

The best alternative to training and arming teachers would be installing security department to all schools. Training the security department members on the use of firearms, arming them, and equitably distributing the armed officials according to the number of kids in each school would secure schools without duplicating teachers' duties to that of security guards. Nevertheless, the security department officials would be specialized personnel that would hardly risk their firearms in the wrong hand like teachers who would misplace the gun in the course of teaching.


In conclusion, teachers provide first-hand security to the kids' schools. Therefore, the teachers should also have some security protection training that would protect kids, improve teachers' confidence, and enhance learning without the fear of the attackers. However, the installation of the security department and empowerment would secure all schools, scare the attackers, and improve learning confidence


Walker, S. A. (2018). School shootings so far in 2018. There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year.

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