Essay on Legalizing Marijuana in the US

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Date:  2021-05-26

Marijuana is a mixture of dry flowers, stems and seeds of a plant referred to as cannabis. The drug has some other names including weed and pot. The drug has various uses including medicinal and relaxation purposes among others. Increased awareness on the drug has led to a growing concern on whether to legalize the drug, particularly in the USA. Different factions in support and against have consistently waged wars to ensure victory on their side. Research has been undertaken on the drug to uncover the myths and reality. In this paper, we would analyze and compare both sides with the aim of obtaining insights on the issue.

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Today, numerous people are beginning to side with the legalization of the drug. Its evident based on the 60% statistical population outcome in 2015 that were in favor (Rosenthal, Steve Kubby & S. Newhart). The situation is as a result of the attention it has received coupled with detailed information about it. Among the reasons contributing to the increase in support is the medicinal benefit of the drug. Some states in the US and countries like Canada have legalized the drug for medicinal use. Based on such facts and outcomes, the drug should be made legal as its obtaining acceptance for such important purposes. In addition to that, the drug has been proven to treat migraine, relieve pain, prevention of Alzheimer's, ADHD and ADD among others (Cerda, Magdalena, et al). No physical problem has ever come about as a result of its use contrasting painkillers, alcohols, and cigarettes. Hence, providing enough support for its legalization.

Another aspect supporting legalization of marijuana is the economic relief. The government spends massive amounts of resources fighting the drug. When culprits are caught and imprisoned, taxpayers foot their expenses. The situation has led to wastage of funds that would have otherwise gone to critical sectors. Implementation of various legislations on drugs requires extensive resources for a successful undertaking. Research done on legalizing marijuana has unraveled the massive economic impact realizable. Resources would come by as a result of taxing farmers of the crop. It would thereby lead to the raising of additional revenue ranging in billions of dollars (Cohen and deFonseka). The money would go towards repaying debts and provide employment opportunities.

Another major reason in support of legalizing marijuana is that prohibition doesn't help and liberty prevails. There is no clear evidence why marijuana should be made illegal. Based on a philosophical view, anyone deserves a right to make their decision. Curtailing people from using the drug is similar to infringing on their liberty, rights, and freedom (Rosenthal, Steve Kubby & S. Newhart). Marijuana is less dangerous than other drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, and cigarettes. Hence based on those issues, the government shouldn't determine people's options. On the same subject, intended objectives such as reduction of crime rates and diminishing its supply havent materialized any result. Therefore, legalizing the drug would give more room to concentration on more vital issues. Other ways need to be developed to tackle the problem.

On the other hand, issues have come by regarding the negatives of marijuana. Some of the major opposition facts about the drug include health consequences. Marijuana has been attributed to be a primary cause of cancer. Among the types of cancers include the neck, lung, head, and throat (Cerda, Magdalena, et al). Increased accidents and other fatalities tend to receive association with the drug. Since it affects the mind, the drug has been presumed to be dangerous and plays a leading role in mental instability. Its with such considerations that the drug is receiving stiff opposition and setback from being integrated into the society and being declared harmless.

Another major reason against the drug is the different psychological problems. Marijuana tends to cause anxiety, depression, and anger management issues (Cerda, Magdalena, et al). Users of the substance in most cases tend to suffer acute nervousness coupled with obsessed feelings. Damage to internal organs such as lungs results in severe addiction cases that bring about breathing complications. The grave health effects, side effects and unproductivity that accompany the victims challenge the thought of legalizing the drug. In such instances, the government steps in to impose restrictions so as to protect their citizens. Another aspect challenging legalizing marijuana is the gateway effect. Users of the drug tend to be drifted to try other hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. It with this realization that government and other agencies are reluctant to loosen the war on the drug. Protection of victims is of paramount consideration and priority hence the immense dedication of efforts to fight the menace.

To sum it up, I support the thought of legalizing marijuana. It with the deep consideration that the pros outweigh the cons. Initial targets such as minimizing drug peddling, reduction of criminal activities among other goals have all flopped. Meditating on that, it thereby raises questions about the effectiveness of the current ways to tackle the issue. It has thus lead to trying of a different alternative perhaps it would be the much sought-after remedy. With all this, the only solution left is legalizing the drug.

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