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Political violence refers to the violence perpetrated by individuals or the government to achieve their political objectives. This paper describes the purpose and different types of political violence. Some examples of political violence in the world are given and their purpose. Through the discussion, it will be easier to determine whether political violence is wrong or right. We encounter this type of violence frequently because of the increasing rivalries in political parties. Therefore, it is important to know political violence and make contribution towards it in case it is possible.

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What does political science mean and how is it different than any other violence such as individual criminal violence? How can one make a difference between a serial killer killing for perverted pleasure and a murder done in the name of political conflict? Why is it any different than a simple bar fight, or a fight at a football match? Is the word political just present in the sentence to justify some crime that has happened, and there is no obligation what so ever to pursue the perpetrator? If so, we have to learn how to recognize the brainwashed system of political errors, and verbally riot against political violence and its justification, just simply because it happened, and it supposedly is directed to the whole country or community. How many murders have been swept under the rug on the count of the simple word, politics?

Political violence could be categorized based on different factors including institutional, individual and ideational. Political violence explained through institutional factor focus on the contribution of state, economic and social systems to the violence. Individual focus on motivation of individuals to promote violence. Furthemore, ideational focus on the effect of religious, political ideas in causing violence.

A simple answer to the above description is that political violence is supposedly a violence that is being committed in the context of a certain political conflict, or can be related to political issues. A keen look at the explanation of political violence indicates that the main problem with it depends on an individual political position. Most of the conflicts that one will encounter in politics will be classified as a political violence. No matter even if we take the Islamic terrorist in the West, or Chinas activists, all of them are branded as criminals or doers of political violence by their opposing political opponents. On the other hand, political violence that is caused by terrorists and anarchist. These groups of individuals clear mindedly stated that they are causing violence as an oppression to the current political administration that is present in that country.

In the 1970s, in Italy there was a terrorist group that operated there with major attacks such as planting bombs, industrialists killing, policemen and politicians, and also killed journalists who were writing papers which were unsympathetic to their cause, which was the oppression of the local government. Their most famous act was kidnapping and killing the politician Aldo Moro after 56 days, in 1978. The attack seems to be well organized because the members were using the stolen uniforms of Alitalia Company. Furthermore, they carried out an ambush that left five of the Moros bodyguard dead. The attack also left him to be a Red Brigade prisoner. Although the Brigade wanted a semiofficial status of insurgents the government declined despite the request letters from Moro to the pope, his family, and friends. Later, the terrorist started to fear and they lost faith of getting what they wanted. Thus, they shot Moro over ten times as an insult and dumped his body beside the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) headquarters even with the tight surveillance.

Aldo Moro became a public figure in the political framework after his death. Additionally, the Italians and some of the imprisoned leaders at Brigade were left wondering over his death. Another blow to the popularity of Brigade came into existence when Giodo Rossa was shot and killed. Rossa was a popular trade union official who reported the members of Brigade for distributing propaganda. Rossa played the role of determining the distribution of propaganda and reporting the involved individuals to the police. Therefore, Brigade killed Guido and the attack was catastrophic and it alienated the GP propaganda of the basic workers.

The Red Brigade also made a series of killing even after this event such as killing the major of Florence in 1986, the General of Florence in 1987 and Senator Roberto Ruffilli in 1988. They were stated since the day one, to be the carriers of political violence.

Many people were arrested by the police in 1980; around 12, 000 militants were in prison, while almost 300 run away to France and around 200 to South America; totally 600 people involved in the Red Brigade left Italy.

So, what does this state for the situation in that particular part and time? Were the killings justified just because they were done on political figures who had their way with the people of Florence? Can be said that any violence, is criminal violence, no matter upon who is committed. The unmoral wrongdoings in their actions are unprecedented. Any reasonable person would agree that violence is not a legitimate, if the consequences of such actions do not resolve the still greater evil. Now there are people who will go even much further and say that he has to fight against violence in general, regardless of the possible consequences. This can mean several things, which is that the use of violence is illegal, even if the consequences to eliminate a greater evil; or that under no conceivable circumstances will the consequences be to eliminate a greater evil. The second of these is the actual admission and almost certainly wrong. It is easy to imagine, and to find the circumstances under which the violence to eliminate a greater evil. The first is a kind of irreducible moral judgment, no one should resort to violence, even if eliminates a greater evil. And these solutions are very difficult to argue. It can only be said that it seems as immoral judgment.

To sum up to moral of the previous example properly will be to propose the question, if a political violence is always done with the purpose of the greater good, in what world is killing innocents or for that matter any kind of human being, a justified greater good? How can a life be less significant than a political view or an administration, or a propaganda? The answer to this questions is from a moral perspective, much of what the political activists or in the same matter, politicians have in very small amounts.

With certainty, there is a lot of room for a further research and developing a case, but for now this will have to suffice, because it serves its purpose as a study to show the political violence as a term, which is not to be ever used in the same sentence with the word moral, although there are the ones who also act with political violence, in the form of riots, which may be the only thing that can be justified, and classified as a political violence done for the greater good. This is simply because the people will never act against their own government if not for a perceived injustice which is a direct responsibility of the same government, with the sole purpose to be freed from the acting government, and have option to choose their own political system which is by a democratic way of voting.

In conclusion, political violence is an important topic of discussion because we come across it daily. The people involved in political violence are not the ones who will stand for the freedom and rights of people. Therefore, the people fighting political violence should always be protected at all costs. When individuals reach this particular point, they do not lose their goals. Furthermore, they keep beliefs in their mind or else their actions will not be justified for taking the life of an innocent individual.


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