Poor Living Conditions Impact Academic Performance of Students - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-23


Poverty usually plays a significant role in undermining the academic progress of learners belonging to poor backgrounds due to the lack of suitable educational guidance. Poverty often subjects a larger population of children to harsh living conditions that might prove to be critical in offering unhealthy living conditions that might end up derailing the educational success of these children (Campbell, Walker, & Egede, 2016). Studies that have been conducted that indicate the correlation that exist between poverty and their impact on children educational success have been vital in suggesting that most parents or guardians of these children are usually busy looking for income to meet the basic needs of their children thus enabling that to have minimal interest on the academic lives of their children. Also, the poor living surroundings that they are usually subjected to usually undermines the stimulation process of these children in regards to their academic progress.

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Unequal distribution of resources, which is primarily attributed to poverty is usually crucial to undermining the educational lives of children belonging to these socioeconomic backgrounds (Campbell et al., 2016). A survey that has been conducted has been vital in creating a perception that children who are directly linked to rich financial backgrounds often have an added advantage as their parents or guardians have the capability of purchasing the required educational resources to enrich their children's academic lives. However, in evaluating children belonging to low socioeconomic status happen to be at a disadvantage as they are unbaled to acquire the relevant educational resource, which will be crucial in improving the academic performance of these students.

Poverty can also be critical in instilling a negative opinion among children belonging to low socioeconomic status. Most learners who belong to poor social backgrounds have the opportunity of interacting with other individuals who can be considered as academic failures. The sort of people can alter the mindset of these young learners leading them, believing that education will not have any benefits to their lives.

Factors Shaping a Local Community and the Effects Economic Factors have on Local Schools

One of the factors that are crucial in shaping the local community is the governing institution that is integrated into the environment of the local schools. The governing system usually plays a significant role in the creation of policies that will directly affect the operations of the learning institutions (Browning, Stern, Ardoin, & Heimlich, 2018). In this case, the systems that are usually created might either change the local schools positively or negatively and thus officials in the governing body are tasked with the responsibility of directly engaging with other stakeholders of the local community. Direct engagement will be crucial in ensuring that policies that are created will manage to improve the quality of education of the schools that are within the local community.

The availability of resources on the local community will prove to be effective in improving the quality of education in the local schools. In this case, the availability of resources will ensure that there are adequate learning facilities at the disposal of the multiple resources that will improve the intelligence of children (Browning et al., 2018). Also, sufficient economic resources will be crucial in ensuring that there are adequate resources that will ensure that the budget of schools are financed which in turn will play a significant role in ensuring that the local schools can operate smoothly.

Educational concerns that might be in the local community might be essential in creating strategies that will act as motivational strategies in the learning institution. Educational matters will be crucial in ensuring that teachers who are employed in local schools are highly competent and skilled who will ensure that students can achieve educational success (Browning et al., 2018). Also, the local governing institution might integrate strategies that will act as motivational tools to both learners and staff of these local schools.

Community Norms and Values and how they Relate to The Role of the School in Promoting Social Justice

One of the significant cultural norms and values that might be present in the community that will be crucial in promoting social justice is equality (Hollinrake Hunt, Dix, & Wagner 2019). Equality is usually significant in ensuring that there are equal rights among individuals in the community. In evaluating equality from the context of a learning facility, it is quite evident that learning facilities happen to have student belonging to different ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds. In this case, the integration of equality on the operations of schools will be crucial in ensuring that there are equal rights applied to various students in local learning institutions.

Cultural diversity is the other significant norm and value that can be integrated into local schools that will be highly crucial in ensuring that social justice is achieving in these local schools (Hollinrake et al., 2019). In evaluating most local learning institutions, it is quite apparent that students happen to have different cultural backgrounds. In this case, the staff and teachers of the learning institutions will be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that they are conversant with the various cultures with the primary aim that they do not disrespect the cultures of these children. The norm will be crucial in promoting social justice as it will ensure that there is effective cultural interaction among various students of the local learning institution.


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