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In the past March, my grandmother fell severely ill and was diagnosed with autoimmune myositis. Struck with curiosity, I researched profoundly about muscle weakness and myositis. During the summer, I visited her and saw her recover incredibly due to rehabilitation. At the Ambani rehabilitation center, I was astonished on how patients quickly recoup by the advanced technology. In order to learn more about these efficient innovations, I decided to complete an internship at the rehabilitation center.

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During the orientation, I was entranced to various robotic therapies available at the center. Patients with severe cases were analyzed and treated at the center by the technology available. Patients diagnosed with neurological ailments and orthopaedic problems were analyzed with the "Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory," which uses imaging analysis to help doctors in pointing out abnormal movement patterns in the human body. Patients are then treated with simulations to help in improving their locomotion and neuromuscular response. For example, patients who suffer from hand and arm impairments are put into simulations of catching a ball or picking up a pencil. Convalescents who have Parkinson's Disease (or other balance dysfunctions) are put into the BATS (Balance Assessment and Training System) simulation. This simulation is designed to improve balance and coordination by making a comparable situation of climbing a mountain or an uneven inclined plane. Patients and athletes who deal with muscular dystrophy and fatigue are put into the Aqua Treadmill, which is a treadmill that is submerged in water. Since water carries a higher viscosity than air, the Aqua Treadmill promotes quicker recovery than a typical treadmill as it provides resistance throughout the body.

The center is specialized in the treatment of various types of injuries. While interning at the facility, I was involved in the treatment of various conditions such as neck and back problems, joint problems, all kinds of sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), cancer pain, visceral pain, neuropathic pain, myofascial pain, and fibromyalgia. At the facility, the emphasis was on non-operative solutions which gets the patients back to work, safely and with minimal chances of re-injury. Besides the basic therapies, we offered patients with orthopedic problems, some of them were referred for physical medicine and rehabilitation. Patients who were referred for physical medicine and rehabilitation involved the collaboration of many therapists throughout the patient's care. During rehabilitation of such patients, ultrasound interventions were incorporated into the process. While working with dedicated rehabilitation physicians, and certified pain sonologists, I had practical experience of how full diagnostic services are carried out with the help of various medical equipment such as musculoskeletal ultrasounds, X-rays, and fluoroscopically peripheral join injections. Patients underwent physical as well as occupational therapy. Clinicians on site worked with the rest of the medical team members to oversee their rehabilitation program as well as providing rechecks and modifying care plan as necessary. I got a chance to gain practical experience in the treatment of the common musculoskeletal problems such as low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder labral tears, rotator cuff problems, hip bursitis, stress fractures, facetal pain, Adhesive Capsulitis, neck pain, and pinched nerve.

To gain diverse experience in the short time, I was interning in the facility; I had planned to rotate so that I can cover all relevant sections. One of the sections at the center involved regenerative medicine. According to Mao and Mooney (2015), regenerative medicine is critical to the regeneration of tissues and thus helps in minimizing overreliance on transplantations. Although the concept of regenerative medicine is still new, it has been adopted in the center. The concept was used in the center to repair damaged tissues, accelerate a patient's healing, and improve pain and function. The concept of regenerative medicine is also known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). At the center, the PRP procedure involved using the patient's blood. To perform PRP, the patient's platelets were isolated and concentrated before injecting back into the injured area of the body. The injected platelets help in modifying the inflammation process and thus enhance the healing process. Often, the procedure of PRP was employed during the treatment of various sports injuries as well as musculoskeletal conditions which include osteoarthritis, ligament sprains, meniscal injuries, and tendon injuries affecting to knee, ankle, and elbow. Treating the patient's involved procedures that were less invasive and preference for local anesthesia.

My internship involved a lot of learning various medical equipment used in the rehabilitation of patients with various conditions. I was taught not only how to operate but also the advantages that come with using of the machines. I was also taught how to use them practically. Additionally, I observed and assisted patients who were undergoing training using the equipment. Some patients had difficulty in using the equipment, and I had to offer them support under the guidance of my supervisor who was on duty. The experience helped me to acquire theoretical as well as practical skills and knowledge about rehabilitation equipment. I also observed how the equipment helps hasten the patients' recovery process. Some of the equipment that I learned about them and got a chance to support patients using them include ArmeoPower (a robotic exoskeleton), ArmeoSpring, Lokomat (robotic treadmill), and Amadeo.

ArmeoPower is a robotic exoskeleton that is used for the rehabilitation of upper extremity. One of the advantages of using it is its six degrees of freedom which makes it suitable for training in a large 3D workspace. I learned from the supervisor that the robotic exoskeleton has several other advantages. According to him, the exoskeleton is ideal for motivating exercises. Using the exoskeleton helps one to achieve an increased therapy efficiency since it reduces the effort of the therapist due to the elimination of continuous therapeutic guidance. Since it helps keep precise records of patient's performance during therapy sessions as well as the amount of support they require, it helps in carrying out of objective assessments. Armeo is regarded as one of the modular concepts of therapy since it provides a continuum of rehabilitation throughout a variety of devices designed to address the specific needs of a patient at every stage of rehabilitation form acute stage to long-term recovery.

ArmeoSpring is another rehabilitation equipment that I was taught its use and how to use it to train patients. It is also a robotic driven, and we were using it for training patients who had just regained their active movements of both the limbs and the hands. I was impressed to use it to train many patients who had difficulty moving their hands and limbs initially. Specifically, we were using the equipment to train people who had suffered conditions such as peripheral nerve injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. It was also taught that the equipment is suitable for many other neurological disorders. While using the equipment, I found out that its ability to be mounted on a trolley allowed for quick and easy positioning. It also offered a lot of self-initiated repetitive therapies that had an effect of enhancing the patient's range of motion as well as selective control. At some point, I asked one of the patients if he found the equipment useful. The patient responded that the equipment was very useful since the self-directed exercises encourage one to exert intense levels of coordination as well as concentration. It is through this that the patients were able to recover faster. Further, the patients found the equipment useful due to its adjustable and ergonomic support. I tried to fit into the equipment to have a feeling of how it works. I found it embraces the whole arm from the hand to the shoulder. It also counterbalances the weight of one arm. Ultimately, I found the equipment enhance residual action as well as neuromuscular control. Thus it assists in the active movement in a spacious 3D workspace.

Lokomat is among the modern machines that are used in the center to train patients. According to my supervisor, the machine not only allows for faster progress but also faster augmentation. The equipment is a robotic treadmill. We used the equipment to train patients to walk. Most of the patients we trained to walk using the equipment are those who are gait-impaired. The machine is so advanced that it combines intensive functional locomotion therapy with not only patient assessment but also feedback tools. I participated in training and supporting neurological patients to use the equipment. In some cases, I help escort the patients on a wheelchair to the treadmill. This was followed by using computer-controlled motors to move the legs of the patients through trajectories that resemble physiological patterns of gait. The movement of legs was done after synchronizing the motors with the speed of the treadmill. Some of the measurement tools incorporated into the machine that allowed for ease of patient's assessment include WALK, STIFF, RORCE, and ROM. Since it performs continuous repetitions, this feature was useful for neurological patients. While the machine was very effective, I saw it was not suitable for neurological patients with severe conditions. During the internship, most of the patients who were trained using the equipment included those with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, and cerebral palsy. However, I was informed that the equipment had been recommended for patients with several other neurological disorders. While using the equipment, I found that it has several advantages. Through a convenient user interface, I was able to operate the machine easily and adjust the training parameters to be in congruence with the personal needs of the patient.

Besides the rehabilitation of hands and limbs, there was also finger-hand rehabilitation at the center. I was also trained in how to perform finger-hand rehabilitation using equipment known as Amadeo. The device is a computer as well as robot-assisted and is used not only for the rehabilitation of the fingers but also the arm. I noted that the machine is not only used for training adults but also children since it can be adjusted to suit each individual's needs. Additionally, I also found that the equipment operates in three modes: active, assistive, and therapy modules. One interesting observation about the machine is that it operates cleverly. The device has the ability to imitate the natural motion grasping of the hand. I used the device to rehabilitate patients who had limited range of motion, sense of touch, strength, and motor function. My supervisor told me that the movements of the fingers are critical to the stimulation of the brain as well as the reformation of synapses.

Succinctly, the treatment plans were very strategic to ensure recovery at the Ambani center. After interviewing with many patients (the majority of them were on a quick path to recovery), I can conclude that these advancements implemented at the therapy center are proficient, sustainable, and effective.

By attending the internship, I was able to acknowledge how these medical gadgets can improve the quality of life for those who are suffering from physical debilitation. Furthermore, I learned how teamwork, leadership, and an emotional bonding provided by therapists and physicians is crucial to a successful recovery. I envis...

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