Essay on Challenges of Older Adults Experience in Managing Their Health

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Date:  2021-06-09

The principle target of our study is to focus and achieve a better understanding of the different views held by gerontology practitioners on the experiences that older people have regarding their health. Although information concerning consumables has been on the rise, a little has been achieved mainly as a result of the low literacy level. In our perspective, a broadened breadth of vision concerning the origin of health literacy issue can make an immense difference in building the confidence of such intervening affair. Furthermore, highly profiled providers float a valuable vision that can reveal the progress of an ecologically legitimate scenario grounded on health assessment gadget.

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An assessment of how thoroughly the research design was presented, including what was missing:

This progressive research is characterized by some drawbacks, especially the small size of the sample. Additionally, even if the gerontologists are the most efficient in providing sufficient health care to adults, an alternative would have been, conducting an interview with different service providers to obtain a different view. Also, carrying out interviews and putting patients under intensive observation of their health is likely to picture and give a deeper meaning on the hindrances and solutions to literacy problems related to health. Although our objective was initially grounded on cognitive aspects relating to literacy, evidence revealed that these options were inseparable to the economic, cultural and social concerns.

Calculation of the amount of the researcher's presentation of location, reaction, and bias

The majority of the population served by the collected sample of practitioners were principally Latinos, with an inclusion of Caribbean, Residents of the Caucasian, Asian and African Americans. The professionals mainly streamlined their service to those surrounding with lower socio-economic status. Among the nurses, only one served the rich region especially the population occupying the Caucasian region. Of the eight interviewees, seven raised complaints about the disparity in health education among their patients and the result it had in overall health management. Contrary to this, two clinicians highlighted that among the adults, there are those who can manage themselves health wise and succeed to question medication and related diseases; however, the patients tend to be of younger age, advanced education and quite high systems for support. The mostly and frequently mentioned theme that was very central to the objective of health education or literacy challenges were identified as follows; literacy distractors, problems related to age and resources within the social life of the community.

Literacy distractors or barriers refers to the standard or primary education involving writing, quantitative skills, and reading. It acted as a critical barrier especially to the literacy of the old age population making them less aware of medication processes hence could not take care of themselves. It was the primary reason that limited the success of medication process. Additionally, problems related to age covered all the aspects relating to the change of age, an idea that arose as a primary mediator mainly concerned with the management of healthcare in an old age population. Finally, the social resources imply the different support that an individual may require from the society. It included a range of activities the old age population may be involved in, hence depending on it directly or indirectly as it part of the daily life.

ReferenceMatthews, L. A., Shine, A. L., Currie, L., Chan, C. V., & Kaufman, D. R. (2012). A Nurse's Eye-View on Health Literacy in Older Adults. NI 2012: Proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Nursing Informatics, 2012, 204.

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