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In most cases, there is no socialization process to being a part of marijuana users since there are no organized groups like different criminal groups. They have their language though that they use to communicate. The marijuana users also have their jokes that no other person can understand. There is no stratification since it is not an association of drug users. Every individual is independent in their usage and has different reasons and time of using the drug. The criminal charges are only pressed on individuals who are caught not an entire group that is nonexistence

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The illegal consumption of marijuana in Quebec is practiced in parties that are attended by young adults and teenagers. They also smoke in public in places they term as hangout joints. Universities and colleges are used as smoking, peddling and distribution centers. Clubs and bars are also popular places where marijuana is smoked excessively. House parties conducted by the young individuals also provide a place for the smoking of the illegal substance. In some cases, it is practiced at homes but private homes. The smoking takes places in places that the law enforcers cannot reach.

While marijuana is used for medical purposes, none of the abusers use the drug for medical purposes. Most drug users use marijuana as reluctant and stimulation to feel better. In the wake of many forms of activities, most young adults and adolescents use the drug as a form to help them relax and chill out. It is also used as a form of stress remover; the youths In the current world tend to be more stressed and have resulted in drug use as a form of relieving stress, anger, anxiety, and fear caused by life situations or family. They also smoke it so that they can look cool and be accepted in a particular click of friends.

Most use them as a form of identity and the need to identify with a certain group of people. Peer pressure is another major reason why young people engage in marijuana smoking. They tend to find themselves in the wrong company and end up taking up the illegal substance to please their peers. There is also the belief that marijuana is harmless and has no side effects. Despair is another reason why marijuana smoking is popular among youths. There is also the religious belief that weed is associated with certain religions and therefore ardent fans use it for religious purposes.

People across Quebec have different theories as to why there is rampant use of marijuana. There are different explanations and myths in the bid to explaining why the groups of people use marijuana. There are the myth and theory that marijuana reduces stress and anxiety the immediate effect of marijuana causes immediate stress releases anxiety, but in essence, the anxiety increase after the drug wears off. The other theory used to explain the use of marijuana is that it increases sexual arousal. This is a common theory in the use of marijuana by the youths. They use marijuana as an excuse in engaging in sexual behaviors.

The other theory used as justification for the drug use is that it is a plant, not a drug. The theory suggests that it is healthy to use marijuana since it is a plant and not a drug, therefore, has no health repercussions. It is also a common belief that marijuana is safer compared to alcohol and however any inhalation of smoke is harmful to the lungs. The theories are used as a justification for the rampant use of marijuana across Quebec and especially among the young generation.

The use of marijuana has always been considered a criminal offense for a very long time. The smoking of marijuana is always associated with criminal, gang activities and unruly behavior among the youths, that is why it is illegal. The use of marijuana causes a blockage in memory formation, and that's why it is considered illegal. Marijuana is categorized as a narcotic with the same group as heroin and cocaine, therefore, justifying it's illegal. The other reason why it is considered illegal is that it increases depression among young people and especially those with vulnerability to mental illness. The other reason why marijuana is illegal is that it leads to premature deaths especially in cases of overdosage.

Initially, the use of marijuana was considered a criminal offense and was punishable by law. However in Canada since the removal of the penalties and the recent legalization the use of marijuana is no longer considered a criminal activity. Apart from the health damage of marijuana on individuals, there is no punishment by the law laid aside for such an offense. The drug users are isolated by the society they hail from and are associated with all the criminal activities within Quebec. Regular users of marijuana end up being dependent on the drug reports indicate.

In some case the users of marijuana form subcultures especially in Quebec; they develop their norms and beliefs that they believe in their own rules and regulations. Their norms are unique and govern their day to day lives. Such group in Quebec is the religious groups that believe marijuana is used as part of their worship and a direct link to their religion. The use of marijuana leads to deviant behaviors, and the behaviors are as a result of the subculture beliefs and norms. Their values of the criminal group that engages in drug use have different norms and practices that are different from the ones in the large picture and society.

Labeling theory is associated with symbolic interactionists theory in sociology. The labeling theory states that people tend to behave and adapt the way the society and people see them. Treating and viewing someone as criminally deviant always leads to that individual being deviant and engage in unruly behaviors. Most marijuana users are not mostly criminals, but society has associated and labeled them as criminals. The use of marijuana is often associated with poor backgrounds and criminals activities. The more the society has labeled the users as criminal the more they engage in criminal offenses to prove their worth. The society tends to treat the marijuana users negative, and in return, they give back the negativity by acting violent and thuggish.

The use of marijuana in Quebec has not used in society. It only creates more problems than there already are by having a generation of the young generation that is experts in criminal activities and marijuana smoking. The use of marijuana should not be punished by the court of law, but counseling and acceptability can lead to positive changes in the use of marijuana and change in deviant behaviors brought about by marijuana use. I do not consider the use of marijuana a criminal offense especially if it is unaccompanied by deviant behaviors.

With the current legalization use of marijuana in Canada the criminal offense of carrying, consumption or distribution of the marijuana will now become a public affair. It will no longer be used as leeway for the criminal offense. The rest of the world will continue adapting to the legalization of marijuana so it will no longer be considered a criminal offense to be in possession of marijuana. Therefore it means that possession and consumption of marijuana will no longer be considered a criminal activity.


In conclusion, the use of marijuana is always associated with criminal activities, and in most places and countries it is considered a criminal offense to be in possession of marijuana. However, the move to legalize the use of marijuana will enable the government to regulate the use of marijuana and ensure that the side effects are minimized. While marijuana is still illegal, it is always laced with other substances that make the side effects more severe. Legalization will ensure that the consumed marijuana is pure and the sources are known. Criminal activities associated with the use of marijuana will reduce drastically too. The societal perception about the people who smoke marijuana will also change.

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