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Example of Debates About the World Oldest Man - Paper Example

Date:  2021-07-05 15:33:39
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Defender: Have you heard of the world oldest man who is still alive? He is 179-years old.

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Doubter: That is a big joke. According to the Guinness World record, the oldest man ever lived died at the age of 122, his name is Jeanne Louise Calment.

Defender: But there is a new record of 179 years old Mahashta Murasi.

Doubter: Where did you get that unauthentic information?

Defender: It was reported by the World News Daily Report on 28 February 2014.

Doubter: It is certain that the news article published in World News Daily Report are bogus and they have not credible enough. I also heard of such news before, but I dismissed them as fallacious. If the information was true, then why was it not published in the Guinness World Record archives?

Defender: I am wondering, is possible for one to live that long?

Doubter: I doubt if its possible, 179 years is too long to live. I am not sure if the biological principle that supports such facts.

Defender: Why?

Doubter: Because due to the drastic harsh environment changes and new diseases that are coming up such as HIV/Aids, cancer, Ebola, and among other chronic diseases, human immunity is weakened and therefore vulnerable to survive for seventeen decades. [3.e]

Defender: But I think our bodies respond differently, if your body is prone to diseases, it doesn't mean that mine also will be too. Research shows that some people managed to live longer because they eat indigenous food which makes their immune system strong and less vulnerable to get infected with diseases. [4.d]

Doubter: But, it is known that there are diseases that are prevalent in some of the location of the world hence reducing their lifespan.

Defender: I object your point there. Besides the geographical location and the environment, also factors regarding the lifestyle, food consumed, medication and exposure to the hazardous environment could contribute to the shortening of their lifespan. [4.e]

Doubter: Can you prove your contention.

Defender: In the past, people lived for long as compared to today. At that time, there was no technology, therefore people consumed unprocessed food; there was no innovation, therefore. [3.a]

Doubter: Is that all.

Defender: Also, body physical exercise is another factor that can boost someones life span. The exercise makes someone be much stronger to endure the harsh life experiences and psychological healing. [3.b]

Doubter: But do you think with all the arguments you have made can make someone live for that long, 179 years because I am sure that such person does not exist. I dismiss that as a fiction.

Defender: Perhaps, we will have such person soon, if you doubt that the news is not true.

Doubter: How will we have such persons in existence if we are all exposed to all those aspects you mentioned earlier, that reduces the chances of human beings to live longer?

Defender: Then if it is not in the Guinness World Record book, then lets assume that it is not true, but I believe that one can live that long.

Doubter: Dont support your claims if there is no prove of someone living that long.

Defender: Okay then, for now, I will agree that the oldest man who ever lived died at 122 years old, and not the 179 years that is considered to be a rumor.

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