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Impression Essay Sample: Princes Welcome 2 America Concert

Date:  2021-05-20 11:26:31
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Hallenstadion is just an amazing place for live concerts. This place, frequented by live performances from top artists in the world is constructed in a beautiful environment surrounded by trees. Before we even got to the concert venue, we were driven through some beautiful sceneries within Zurich-so beautiful they were almost revolting! Hallenstadion is quite majestic. There were audible cheers from the crowd who attended the concert. The venue was warm and humid on the inside. It was so amazing to think that Prince was going to perform in Hallestadion. The stage was set up on one side with the ends of the venue to the right and left; it was a very strange set-up. LED lights that were placed at distinct locations inside the venue kept moving around the stage displaying different colors.

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It was no easy to recognize the exact color of the painting on the walls due to several lights that kept hitting the walls. We expected high life music and dancing so we dressed in pairs of jeans trousers and light shirts, which happened to be the general dress code for the occasion.

Welcome 2 was a name that referred to a concert tour by Prince. Prince, who died in April, this year, was a singer, songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He was born in Minnesota, United States, and developed a passion for music while he was still young. His music comprises of several styles such as rhythm and blues, funk, new wave, rock, souls, pop, and psychedelia. Prince is regarded by many as the most influential artist of the rock and roll (Hahne, 2011).

This would be my second time attending Princes concert. I thought that the previous event would just be similar to this one; like veteran music missionaries do, but this was not much familiar with this event. While many of Princes previous concerts had served into unfamiliar territory characterized with lengthy instrumental jams and obscurities, this one was one of its kind. The performance composed of Prince hits that were more than ten years old.

Throughout his performance that evening, Prince demonstrated his skills as if he was playing his music for the last time in his life. Even though the evening seemed short, it was made long with musical excitement, with Prince showing the stamina and charisma of his youthful age while being backed by a band which was at its best.

The most amazing part of the concert was when he introduced his single hit, Dirty Mind. He performed the song together with a group of sexy ballet dancers. It was clear that this song aroused everyones spirit, including the performer. It made the Star break into his common dance walkouts. He also invited several celebrities to dance with him on stage. The notable figures were, Alicia Keys, Jamie Fox, among others. At one point of the event, with the crowd dancing to the tunes, Prince jumped off the stage, walked around and danced with some of the audience, making the crowd go even crazier. I enjoyed the performance and how the artist performed with great passion and made the song seem like his life force. The song made me remember the strength and agility that Michael Jackson had while performing on live shows.

The Prince Welcome 2 America at Hallenstadion was one enjoyable event full of great music and intellectually motivating experiences of music that are rear to come by in life. The place itself was ambient and perfectly suited the performance. Prince played good music, and I loved his performance and the way he carried the crowd away. Another thing that I also loved at the place is the diversity. I learned that his music was loved across all races and social classes. It felt good to see how music is in a position to bring people together and promote peaceful coexistence.


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