Explore Ancient Egypt and Greece Artifacts With Virtual Museum Technology - Research Paper

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Met have provided several artistic images regarding ancient Egypt; this website enables visitors to explore the museum through virtual museum technology. Some of the works of arts available on this website include

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Theatrical Masks and Vessel for Offering

The three artistic images, faience objects are believed to have been part of theoretical masks and vessel for offering in Arsinoe- Fayum Capital. The masks ware used to refer to god Dionysus, the god of rebirth and patron of theater in Egypt. They were not big enough to serve as the actual theater masks. Masks of Terracotta theater are commonly found sanctuaries and burials in Greece while in Italy they are found in gardens as decorations. In Egypt, these objects are only found in burials used as offerings in burials to Dionysus/Osiris. The other image shows ram feeding from a form a trough a kind of prehensile muzzle.

The Rest on the Flight Into Egypt

This image represents the migration of the holy family into Egypt, from the background view, is the holy family emerging from the forest, on the left side of is a town (Netherlandish). The foreground layer is an image of Mary; she is nursing her Child at a time of rest after a journey. The viewer can easily follow the lead from the connection of images from the background right to the foreground. David (the painter) managed to use balanced and remarkable colors in his art. He uses Chiaroscuro to present the volume of figures.

The response in Egypt

In this case, the presents the Holy family resting after the escape from the massacre ordered by King Herod. The major focus is on the child (Christ); her mother takes place his throne. At this Joseph is offering pomegranate to his Child while Engle on the left is offering fruits that seem to have been picked by the three putti who appears on the background image. This art majorly represents devotion to the faith, attention, and care to Christ.

Role of a Virtual Museum

Virtual museum involves a set of digitally recorded sound files, text documents, images and other essential information regarding scientific, historical and cultural practices that are accessed through online platform. It does not house the real objects but acts as a source of information presented in the form of rooms to make it easy for users to navigate through them. The absence of physical object authenticity is substituted by information authenticity in a virtual museum. Through the position of the Metropolitan Museum of Art website on the internet, it becomes accessible to anyone; this is giving a significant benefit that cannot be offered by a physical museum. the virtual museum presents a significant value in various ways including

Data Collection

Virtual museum has a unique way of handling objects, data collection in a virtual museum does not necessarily need physical objects; instead of data is collected from weblogs; these sources help in tracking audience-based data. Therefore, much information regarding every object is provided and how the viewers approach the web. Sorting of data in the form of rooms if great interests and it offers simple navigation for the researchers, most of the objects are presented in 2D and 3D formats. The concept of using rooms helps in to provide straightforward interfaces. Data collections in a virtual museum can also be made in the traditional sense where users are allowed to contribute. As a result; the audience can contribute in forms various multimedia files such as videos and images.


Virtual museum has its way of data collection, and this involves basic preservation techniques. It does not require the form of object preservation as it is done in the physical preservation of objects. Preservation of data is the major consideration in the virtual museum even though objects do not exist in their original form.


The virtual museum uses various kinds of display formats to engage web visitor in a theme of the actual museum. A significant advantage of websites like these is accessibility. It turns the museum into a global platform; it also promotes demoralization of museum by availing collections of objects theoretically to anyone. Virtual museum has helped people who have lost their historical materials to other countries to have access to them virtually and enjoy their artistic heritage.

The virtual museum is supportive in teaching and learning of historical and cultural disciplines. Art and architecture tutors and students use the virtual museum as a supplementary resource in studies. Therefore, the virtual museum offers promising potentials in education. All the historical artifacts that may have got lost and their multimedia data such as videos and images can store in websites like this as well as detailed information of every artistic object.

Greek art

Architectural designs and tradition can link history and culture over time, and this is certainly a fact in the legacy of architectural artwork developed in the ancient Greeks. The building appearing in the background of this video is called Parthenon, a former temple in Athenian Acropolis- Greece. This building was a dedication to the goddesses Athene who is considered as patron by the people of Athens.

Architectural Elements

Parthenon is the most recognized Greek architectural structure representing visible and tangible efflorescence Athenian governance. It a Doric peripteral temple comprising of rectangular floor plains. On every side, are the steps, constructed in a series of low steps. It also has a colonnade of 8x17 made from Doric columns which extend along the outer side of the building. There are six extra columns in front of every entrance. There are two larger rooms, i.e., Naos-meant to house and opisthodomos- a smaller room which was used as the office of treasury.

Parthenon has three major types of columns; these are Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric. The difference between these orders is proportions; each has different measurements in their heights and circumference; for instance, the Ionic column is slimmer and taller while Doric columns are shorter and thick.


This temple has metopes that are designed architecturally; these structures represented different moments of the struggle between the powers of justice and order on one side and the other hand it represented criminal chaos. Metopes on western side represented the mythical war against Amazon, these metopes were referred to as Amazonomachy and on the south, it represented the battle between Centaurs and Lapiths, on the east was the war against giants and gods refer to as Gigantomachy.

The Pedimental Sculptures

These structures have relief sculpture that is larger as compared to that of metopes. They were placed at the top triangular space of metopes and triglyphs. The pedimental sculptures at the west side of the temple represented the contest between Athena and Poseidon. The ester the pedimental sculptures depicted the birth of Athena.

The Frieze

Parthenon temple is made with a frieze that runs across the upper edge of the wall. They are placed from in the inner side of metopes and triglyphs; frieze is small in size- about 3 feet tall. It has one object in all the sides, unlike metopes. Those facing north, south, and east represents procession of musicians, horsemen sacrificial of animals as well as other concepts regarding ritual activities. There is a structure in the east side showing a child handing over a folded garment to an old man, goddesses and gods are seated on one of their sides, it depicted a procession of Panathenaic.

The video referenced some characters who existed in the past, these include Leonidas, he was a general in 430s, but his character and influence are used to play a major role in Odyssey. Leonida is archetypal spartan, his representation of a perfect Sparta man compares to the state as it fights to hold maintain the empire. Secretes is also used in contrast to the philosophers of ancient times. He makes fun of Kassandra. People perceive him as an ugly person, but he used to portray portal and hirsute man.

Yes, Odyssey has inspired various artwork, there are many historical arts used in assassin creed odyssey including pristine, white painted sculpture that exists in the museums. Also, Leonida's broken spear artifact is evident.

Assassin creed odyssey enables users to explore history through this game in a museum like the concept. The guidance from the audio interaction and tours can help to educate users regarding history. This game also helps users to relate to the ancient tales.

Digital Reconstruction

The visualization of historical monuments and buildings has been one of the major concerns in architecture and history. The Parthenon in Rome presents an amazing architectural structure; it is referring to as Sphinx of the Campus Matures- it depicts an enigma as seen from its appearance and the history as well as the location where it was built in Rome. Visiting this place today is brings a real picture of the ancient Roman empire. Parthenon is one of the most recognized buildings in the word's history historians, and archeologists value the simulation of these structures because it offers information about the actual building in the ancient's times. The solar arrangement and simulation provide a fascinating architecture of how Rome looked like in the past.


Parthenon has been transformed to a rectangular porch comprising of three rows made from granite columns. This appears in from the front part of circular construction; it is designed into a big hemispherical dome that is built into a cylindrical structure of equal diameter. Parthenon was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the error of Augustus; it acted as a temple for all the gods in ancient Rome. It was rebuilt by the Hadrian. Reconstruction of important historical structures can be achieved in various methods including three or two-dimensional, graphical or digital methods. Patheon is made from such a great spectacle in the interior part; it is enormously scaled with geometrical perfection. It depicts monolithic and tall columns that resemble Corinthian columns of Egyptian granite.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Digital Reconstruction

The Parthenon is known to be perfectly preserved historical and architectural monument in Rome representing ancient Roman customs, virtual simulation of this building was done by BSU IDIA lab, it depicts Parthenon and its environment, this representation is aimed at showing how the temple may have appeared in 320AD. Those who visit this platform can navigate through the vicinity and obtain funder mental information regarding the history as well as learning about the function and the alignment of the solar across the interactive displays that are developed to facilitate this project. Parthenon was demolished by fire, and later it was rebuilt, construction continued until its completion at the reign of-of emperor Hadrian. This build should have had several marble statues depicting the main roman deities but those statutes showed in the simulation signifies configuration; these structures are scanned through photogrammetry.

One of the big problems with reconstruction is the way to figure out how the mode-like character recording is evolving reconstruction. A digital model is of great advantage when it comes to visualization; this is because it provides various forms of views and gives one a chance to explore the use of different kinds of mode-like character. The modes can be made to appear on the foreground and use textures and other materials to generate a structured model into an art form that depicts a realistic object. A new form of surface structure can be established and this possible through digital reconstruction. Virtual reconstruction of Pat...

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