Calvin Klein: Comfort and Beauty for All Ages - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-11


The product being sold is the Calvin Klein inner pants for both male and females. Both male and females normally wear the product. Calvin Klein products are used to all age brackets. Calvin Klein gives his customers a promise of comfort and beautiful looks while using them (Cohen 80). The company also offers rewards to the higher purchasers of the product in the market. According to the advertisement, they provide the consumers with hope and belief to purchase Calvin Klein products compared to other clothing products in the market. According to the advertisement, they stated that the product is incredible, memorable, and creepy. In the advertisement, they convinced the listeners to only consider Calvin Klein products compared to other product in the market.

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In this advertisement, the visual of two adults nearly necked while wearing inner clothes of Calvin Klein have drawn a unique presentation of the product to the customers. They give the users a promise of comfort and fabulous looks while using their services. According to the visual ads, the product was described to look sexy on the users irrespective of the gender. The advertisement assures its users to purchase more variety of their product since it will change their outlook (Das et al. 405). The target audience in the advertisement are both female and male customers in the market. Both male and females can wear Calvin Klein products in the market. The age of the person is an essential factor while advertising the product. The sweet able age for the product is 18 years and above. The cost is an excellent issue while promoting the product to the customers. The level of purchase of the product in the market will show how essential value of the product is to the customers. The higher the cost, the lower purchase power, while the lower the price, the higher purchasing power.

The advertisement appears in social media platforms such as Facebooks, Twitter, and magazines. Some of the places where this advertisement will also look include in the televisions and newspapers. The people who read the newspaper include male and female customer above 18 years of age. The initially intended customer for the product is believed to be customers who range from the age of 18 years and above (Maryna 412). The people are depicted in a sexual outlook since most of them were half-naked in the picture. The advertisement gave the two participants a sexual look which is not required in an organization. According to the image, the advertisement can break the stereotype of women and men identified as a respected human being. Following the picture, the people are not treated ethically as respected people in society. Exposure of once body violates the respect and dignity of an individual. According to the image, it portrays human beings as a sex object. The copy of the advertisement is for two adult people, not a child. The image of the two victims does not show any sense of victimization or abuse. The two models seem to be having fun shorting the film they have no problem whatsoever in shooting the video half necked (Das et al. 408). However, according to my observation, the two victims face image abuse. The act of posting half of the nakedness of an individual is an act of body abuse.

The advertisement also impacts on the cultural structure of the society. This is because the advertisement is to reach all age brackets. The young generations will see the advertisement as a regular act and begin emulating this activity. Calvin Klein is a product that has been in existence in the market within an extended period. The company has expanded its branches around several countries, and the company also have a huge fan base across the market structure (Vonkeman et al. 410). Calvin Klein product was produced to bring an unprecedented change in the clothing industry.

Calvin Klein product has been in existence in the market for an extended period. However, clothing is widely purchased by teens. Young generations are the high users for the product in the market. The advertisement was purely instigated by the agenda of promoting the product in the market effectively. The advertisement is more image of that text. The picture vividly explains the nature and information conveyed in the advertisement. The act of using the advertisement is squarely intended in promoting Calvin Klein products in the market. The following advertisement does not look familiar to me because this is the first time Calvin Klein Company portrays an image of nature (Charlotte et al. 407).

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