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Background Information

Immigrants refer to the people who end up living in foreign countries mostly on account of a search for greener pastures. One of the characteristics that describe this group of people is a limitation to the rights and privileges native citizens seem entitled according to the law and acceptable norms. Immigrants' conditions prolifically contribute to their deterred progress in many perspectives. For instance, in the education systems, immigrants are often subjected to harsher and more strenuous situations that make it hard to pursue goals successfully. According to (Adair (2015), prejudice is one of the barriers to equitable access to quality education, learning, materials, and equipment.

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This study seeks to elaborate on the impacts of immigration among school-going students. The study's independent variable is the state of immigration while its education-based outcomes represent the dependent variables that will be applied in the empirical analysis. The variables allowing proper analysis of the effect of immigrant students in school is the level of quality of education offered and the wage inequality (Chin et.al. 2013). The variety of knowledge related to the training provided to students in places where immigrant students are either more or less together with how the number of immigrant students impacts the quality of education offered. The other is an independent variable is the wage inequality impacts the level of schooling native students attains. The quality of education is measured by analyzing the performance of native students where immigrant students are more and then comparing that to the performance to a school where the immigrant students are less. Wage inequality will measure the impact of places where the immigrant students are more driving up the number of students completing high school.

Problem Statement

There is a clear relationship between immigration and the quality of education in some countries. Immigrants mainly migrate to other countries in search of better pastures and improve their productivity which also results in an improved level of education accessibility. All over the world, individuals have varying opinions about immigration (Geddes & Scholten, 2016). Some believe that they should be welcomed and others are saying that they should not be allowed hence resulting in a tag of war. Understanding the effect of immigrants' students in schools allows the education policymakers to monitor the impact either positive or negative when it comes to having these students learning together with the native students (Payan, 2016). This paper explains the effect of having immigrants in schools and how their presence impacts the quality of native student performance in schools.

Literature Review

The quality of education level for a native student can be reduced by an increase in the number in various ways. First, when the immigrants and the other students are being taught in a similar class, the tutor might get the need to slow down his or her teaching pace to accommodate the immigrant students in the class (Brunello & Rocco, 2013). Furthermore, in situations whereby the immigrants had received lower quality of education before, the teacher will minimize his or her expectation levels for all the pupils.

A case in Texas explains such as situation. There are negative implications in schools where they are teaching both immigrants and natives in the same class as compared to the courses where these students are shown separately. The students who speak English natively when grouped with Spanish speaking students perform poorly as compared to those who are taught solely as English natives. Besides, the resources provided by the government aims at improving the level of education offered to the immigrants compared to the natives (Dryden-Peterson, 2018). The amount allocated to ensure the immigrant acquires an enhanced level of education results in disadvantaging the quality of education received by the native students (Chin et.al. 2013).

The other variable is the wage levels at the areas where there is a high influx of immigrants. The education level attainment is affected by the immigration of low skilled laborers. The desire by the students to finish High School is motivated by the wages that are determined by the number of immigrants present in the area. Immigrants in the United States are not proportionally educated (Anagnostaki et al., 2016). They are either well trained or poorly educated not as compared to the United States natives who are evenly distributed with regards to their education prowess. Henceforth, the presence of immigrants in the job market leads to an increase in salary equality mainly on the natives who do not perform well in school, primarily those who did not complete their high school studies (Woessmann, 2016). Thus, the change of salary or job allocations is prone to ensure that students finish school to ensure they pose a challenge to the immigrants which results in increased high school graduates in those areas.

The study will be designed to justify the extant hypotheses on the impact of immigration on the performance level of the native students. One of the obvious hypotheses is that immigrants are vulnerable to deteriorated cognitive and mental functionality that contributes to deterred goal attainment in education (Figueiredo, Martins, & Silva, 2018). Taking in consideration the factors that might affect this process, for instance, the number of immigrants in a class, the habits of these immigrants rubbing off on other pupils together with the period the immigrants spent (Anagnostaki et al., 2016). Besides, the wage structure plays a critical role in motivating students to finish school in areas where there are many immigrants.

Summary of Literature

Immigration of people is a process which cannot be avoided, whether it is for work purposes or education. An increase in the number of immigrants in a class reduces the quality of education level received by the native students (Dryden-Peterson, 2018). Also, notably is that there is an increase in the name of high school graduates in areas where immigrants are more since they pose a threat in the wage distribution level (Portes & MacLeod,1996). The reforms to be implemented should be inclusive of improved government allocation of resources touching on language improvement of immigrants plus also resources enhancing the performance of native students (Figueiredo et al., 2018). Besides, there should be great actions that offer integration of immigrant and native students.

Research Methodology

The following study is aimed at establishing the effects of media violence in children. An increase in portable multimedia devices has increased the exposure to media in children significantly and on a global scale. Children and adolescents spend a considerable amount of time every day on media platforms. It has become a significant concern to investigate the personal and social effects of media with violent depictions and themes on children. Research has been conducted on this topic using different methods and approaches; the results and conclusions differ significantly. The following is a detailed methodology of a study on the same.

Research Design

An experimental research design is used to conduct the study. It shows the relationship between a cause and its effect of a situation. It enables a researcher to investigate the impact of an independent variable on a dependent variable (Patten & Newhart, 2017). The independent variable is altered to obtain different results on the dependent variable through administration and monitoring. Experimental research design is preferred over other research methods because it is simple and allows for its effects to be duplicated when other researchers are investigating the same variables (Patten & Newhart, 2017).

It also allows for a wide range of topics to be studied with its comprehensive range of subject matter. For instance, it is used in the medical field by pharmaceutical companies to determine the viability of a new drug, schools used it to determine how different curriculums affect the result, and in this case, study to assess the effect of media violence on children and adolescents. Since this method gives greater control to the researcher, this ability to control variables singularly or combined allows for precise results (Patten & Newhart, 2017). This enables the researcher to make definite and accurate conclusions.

Some of the disadvantages of this approach include the fact that it does not explain the results because it is meant to answer the yes or no question. This study is aimed at establishing whether exposure to media violence affects children and adolescents or not. Also, the ability of the researcher to manipulate the variables reduces the objectivity of the research and creates room for human errors. The manipulation of the variables can also produce unrealistic results for the sample which may not be reflective of the entire population from which t...

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