Film Analysis Essay on Carrie

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Date:  2022-10-05


The movie Carrie (1976) is an American horror movie written by Lawrence D. Cohen and directed by Brian De Palma. The film is about a young teenage girl called Carrie who is a victim of bully and mistreatment from her classmates and teachers in school. However, Carrie soon discovers her possession of supernatural powers that allow her to move from places in split seconds and perform other unimaginable acts. The film is characterized by specific production creativity such as cinematography, styles, characters and acting strategies that captures its themes and plot explicitly.

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Firstly, the film Carrie (1976) is created with various cinematography techniques that capture its scenes and characters to display the message of the writers and directors. Specifically, color and attire are the most evident cinematography technique exhibited in the film (Palma 1). Notably, the directors manipulate colors present different scenes concerning their significance. For instance, the directors use bright colors such as yellow and white to capture Carrie's school environment characterized by young teenage girls who cherish neatness as well as various paintings in their classroom. Besides bright colors, the film involves dark and pale colors that are used to capture specific horrific scenes. For example, the directors creatively employ flashing rays of black and red color to present horrific scenes where Carrie unleashes her supernatural powers against her enemies. Specifically, the color black dominates the horrific scene at their home when she revenged the death of her mother by consuming the whole house leading to her demise (Palma 1).

Additionally, Characterization is a cinematography technique that the film manipulates to present its themes appropriately. The film involves both round, and minor characters who play different roles to identify the director's messages. In particular, Carrie is the principal character in the movie concerning events that happen to her. Carrie unveils the theme of bullying concerning forms of mistreatment that her classmates and teachers direct towards her. In particular, the director models Carrie as a protagonist in the film to reveal the characters of other actors concerning the message of the directors. Through Carrie, the director can capture the traits of characters such as Chris and Miss Collins who are bullies. For instance, Chris assembles other girls to bully Carrie in the bathroom as they have a shower after their hockey game (Palma 1). Consequently, Carrie also unveils the inconsiderate character of her teachers. Besides Miss Collins who slaps Carrie without considering her case against other girls, the school head teacher also appears to be arrogant hence towards Carrie hence prompting her to unleash her supernatural powers in the principal's office.

The film's style is also a cinematography feature that the movie apply to capture its themes. The movie begins by capturing Carrie as a young teenage girl who is exposed to emotional and physical violence by her friends and tutors. However, she advances through age to be a strong girl who recognizes her supernatural powers and uses them for self-defense. For instance, Carries use her powers to defend herself against her abusive friends in future and later uses them to revenge her mother's death by consuming their whole house to end their suffering.


The film Carrie (1976) is a horrific American genre about a teenage girl who is abused by her friends and teachers. The film involves specific cinematographic features such as color and character that the author applies to capture its themes. Specifically, the author applies colors to capture various scenes that contribute to the plat of the film.

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