Film Analysis Essay on Satoshi Ito's "Genocidal Organ"

Paper Type:  Movie review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  635 Words
Date:  2022-11-03

The Plot of the Movie

Satoshi Ito's "Genocidal Organ" narrates the story that revolves around the city of Sarajevo six years after the occurrence of an extreme disastrous explosion of a nuclear bomb (Tatsumi, 2018). The film focuses on the victims of the circumstance who opted for luxury and forewent freedom. The kind of life that they later lead was more of a modern slave trade where. In that situation, those citizens were denied the right of freedom in various ways without them realizing the situation. For instance, they were kept under surveillance all through.

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The modern captivity further applied to them even when they were trading. For example, they went to buy pizza with an inserted shopping chip in their bodies (Johnston, 2017). Ito later narrates that these people then realize the significance of restoring their freedom and start fighting for it. In the course of that fight, a genocide occurs because of the defense of the government, thus leading to many people losing their lives.The film also revolves more on the technological advancement and the possible effects on both the developing and the developed nations. Wars remain one of the major themes in the movie. The movie portrays the effect of the mass murders and the plagues associated with the mass killings of the citizen and the commoners.

Information About the Sub-Genre Such as the Cyberpunk, New Wave

The settings of the film revolve around technological advancement and the major role it played in various sectors of the world among the major sector portrayed in the movie, including the military, wars, and diseases that are associated with the nuclear weapons (Yegulalp, 2018). Nuclear weapons remain some of the major and possible threats associated with the film. Additionally, most of the developing nations suffer the most from the attack. The movie portrays the kind of relationship that exists between the developed nations and the developing countries as those that suffers the most from the nuclear weapons and the associated genocidal (Murase, 2016).The new waves include the numerous strategies and the scientific research on better ways to overcome the associated deaths and that results from the genocide attacks.

Relations Between International Relations and Genocidal Organ

The movie portrays the kind of relationship that exists between most of the African nations and the international countries. Nations such as Somalia and Sudan suffers the most from the result of the wars and the attacks that come from the terrorist groups (Thompson, 2007). Additionally, most of the superpower nations take center stage to spearhead the warring nations through funding and provision of the ammunition and other forms of materials sued in the war. The citizen suffers the effect of the wars as the international nations come together to help in better ways to solve such conflicts and in the restoration of the harmony and a peaceful co-existence.

Application of the Genocidal Organ to the Real Life

Wars remain part of most of the developing and the developed nations. Reasons such as the need for raw materials and expansion of the territory remain some of the major reason for the war between one nation to the next. Just like in the real-life scenario, the citizen suffers the most from the possible effects of the nuclear weapons that are commonly used in the wars. Besides, most of the nations that suffer the most are the developing countries that seem to lack enough weapons to defend themselves from the possible attack.


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