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Currently, most of the individuals can shop in nourishment stores easily and most of them have good reputation including GNC, Costco, and CVS. Not only that, there are tons of advertisement showing the benefit those Nourishment on the TV and people easily trust the supplement advertised and even opt to replace the food which they do not like eating. However, there is research shows the supplement is not affected as the advertisement said. In Jamie Ducharme article "Vitamins and Supplements Can't Replace a Balanced Diet," the study says that about 90% of adults in America do not take sufficient vegetables and fruits though most people are trying to make up for it through popping pills. It is the vegetables and fruits that play an essential role in making a balanced diet. Furthermore, Council for Responsible Nutrition argue that 75% of the adults in United States some kind of dietary supplement. However, "Nutrients consumed via supplements do not improve health and longevity as effectively as those consumed through foods, according to the study on "Annals of Internal Medicine" (Durchamie, 2019). Even though getting the correct quantities of nutrients from food are linked to long life, the same case is not true for the case of nutrients gotten from supplements (Ducharme, Para. 3). Therefore, the issue of not taking a balanced diet has been there for a long time and most people are not concerned about it. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of unbalanced diet affect most people in which they pay high medical bills. It is important for the community to understand what and why the supplement cannot replace the real food is very important and it is a long-term mission, people just cannot suddenly change their habit. This mission of making an advertisement concerning healthier diet in the community is very worth it, not only it can keep the people healthy but also can reduce the fund government spends on the medical purpose.

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The purpose of this initiative is granting the fund worth $100,000 to give people knowledge on the importance of real food and those funds will be used to the city of Pasadena. The reason is that Pasadena has a good economic foundation and the residents have better education which can make it easier for them to accept the new knowledge. In addition, to have a better outcome the initiative should include:

  • The harm of the long-term unbalance diet to the human body.
  • Importance of taking a healthy diet.
  • The cost of the medical bill because of an unhealthy diet.

This initiative may not affect people in the short term; however, the knowledge of a healthier diet can affect several generations. Thus, this initiative is very meaningful.


People using the supplement to replace the real diet is very common in the society, plus most of the thing the supplement can perfectly replenish the nutrition their miss at the diet which is very bad for the public health. In the Ducharme research "Roughly 90% of American adults do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, but many are trying to make up for it by popping pills. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, 75% of U.S. adults take a dietary supplement of some kind." (Ducharme, Para. 1) There is a huge population using the supplement which actually is not good for public health. Also, this research indirect shows 75% of the population of United States believe the supplement is a very good tool the replenish the nutrition lost.


The Pasadena community is a very good community. In 2017, it had a population of about 142,647 individuals and this makes it 183rd city in the United States. The city is mainly known as it hosted the Rose Bowl football game and Tournament of Roses Parade. Addirionally, Pasadena is a home to many scientific and cultural institutions including ArtCenter College of Design, Caltech, Fuller Theological Seminary, the Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena City College, the Ambassador Auditorium, and the Norton Simon Museum. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes is the main cause of death in the United States. The issue is that citizens from Pasadena suffer from health issues like obesity and diabetes. For instance, from 2007 to 2008, about 20.7% of children and 19.4% of adults were suffering from obesity. The issue of taking unbalanced diet is what has resulted in diseases like obesity. Thus, the need of educating the people of Pasadena on the importance of taking a healthy diet. The government has been spending a lot of money on the patients with diseases like diabetes obesity. This makes it necessary to advertise healthy diet to the members of this community. Because this city is rich for the cultural atmosphere, the problem of abuse supplement should be easier to correct in this city which is a very good ice breaker. Comparing to those remote cities Pasadena will easier to propaganda the harm for the supplement because of their educational environment. There is a lot of food store which can easier provide the idea of eating healthier food.


The harm of the long-term unbalance diet to the human body

Just 10 percent of Americans pursue an eating regimen that is consistent with outlined nutrient recommendations by the Agriculture Department in the United States called "Dietary Guidelines for Americans." The distinctive diet for Americans is rich in trans-fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt but lacking in fiber, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. As per the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, in the United States, an individual's diet contributes to about four of the six leading causes of death.


Consistently eating during the evening, taking high amount of fast food, eating large portions, skipping breakfast, and taking sugary beverages results in weight gain that at the end lead to obesity. Obesity puts an individual in danger of a few wellbeing conditions, including high triglycerides, elevated cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, skin issues, hypertension, gallbladder sickness, stroke, depression, coronary illness, and cancer. About 66% of American grown-ups are viewed as overweight or fat and to be specific 20.7% of Pasadena youths.

Advancement of Diabetes

As the fat percentage rises, an individua's body ability of using insulin in the right way reduces that in turn increases one's risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Insulin, which is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas assist in carrying glucose to the cells. For the people with type 2 diabetes, the liver, muscle, and fat cells do not usually respond well to insulin and this results in a condition referred to as insulin resistance. With the insulin resistance, it is very difficult for the glucose to enter the cell. Thus, they build up instead in the bloodstream. Abnormal amounts of glucose in the circulation system is referred to as hyperglycemia which is a condition related to type 2 diabetes. In the event that type-2 diabetes in a person is not managed properly, then it might result in kidney and eye diseases. Thus, the importance of taking a balanced diet.

Watching One's Sodium

Restaurant meals, processed foods, and fast foods have turned to be staples of the American's diet. Although these foods are very convenient, they have a lot of nutrients which an individual should limit such as sodium. When eats an excess of sodium, the kidneys clutch water with an end goal to keep up the sodium balance in the body. This outcomes in a rise in blood volume, which can transform into hypertension or blood pressure. Chronic high blood pressure can put a toll in the heart of a person and cause heart disease at the end.

Importance of a Balanced Diet

Choosing a reasonable eating routine is the initial move toward a healthy and happy lifestyle of any human being.

Minerals and vitamins are indispensable to keeping healthy growth and immunity. As the body is growing, it is essential to get the correct nutrients for the cells to be maintained and built.

Healthy diets can shield the body from way of life related, non-transmittable illnesses, for example, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular ailment, skeletal issues, and numerous kinds of disease.

Balanced diet, alongside battling obesity, help in maintaining the optimal weight of the body. At some point, one may want to gain or losing weight, thus, taking a balanced diet assist in controlling and maintaining one's weight overtime. It is not practical to forever be in a weight loss diet, thus, taking a balanced diet is the only way of controlling weight in a healthy way in long term.

Taking a balanced diet play a role in improving the mental health of an individual. When one gets the correct mix of nutrients, then it can ease anxiety and depression symptoms.

Sustainable and Healthy Diets for the Future Generations

According to Green et al. (2018), the world food systems are going to face unprecedented issues in future since they will have to meet nutritional needs of the population that is highly growing and feed the population that has a high demand for proteins. Therefore, stakeholders need to come together in ensuring that the future generations get access to sustainable and healthy diets. This is because food will play a significant role in world health disclosure. Having a sustainable diet entails the whole food supply chain and it also takes into account affordability, environment, culture, and health.

The Cost of the Medical Bill Because of Taking Unhealthy Diet

Being poor can cost you enormous.

Individuals who are unfortunate acquire lower wages, set away less dollars in reserve funds, and collect less riches throughout the years contrasted with the individuals who are solid, another investigation distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research found. The examination, directed by specialists at the University of Georgia and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, discovered terrible wellbeing can disclose up to 40% of variety in lifetime utilities. This is what else it found:

Healthy individuals aggregate more riches after some time and acquire more cash: They make about 28% more than unfortunate individuals over their lifetime.

The normal solid 65-year-old with secondary school degree has $230,000 in riches contrasted with $120,000 for an undesirable 65-year-old with a secondary school degree.

Unhealthy individuals work less: Participation in the work supply among the solid is at 90% while investment for undesirable individuals is 70%

Weakness influences people in four different ways, the examination found: By diminishing profitability, making people less helpful at work, brings down survival likelihood, and builds therapeutic spending. Long haul undesirable individuals are likewise less patient and have a lower affinity...

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