Immigration Policy & National Security: A Challenge to Existing Thinking - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-09


I will challenge the position in that the current immigration policy is seriously treated as a national security issue. The report released by the department of justice showed that three out of every four people convicted for terrorism-related activities are foreign-born who found their way into the United States through the immigration system (Trump, 2017). Many terrorists who have entered the country do so as relatives of a permanent based resident of America.

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Before 9/11, the government did not incorporate terrorism-related policies in their immigration policy. The government did not think that such a negative thing would happen in the United States. Also, before 9/11, the border checks were only done at specific ports of entry.

The challenge the government faces in securing the US/Mexico is that the border is so vast, making it hard for the USA government to monitor those passing through it. It stretches over 2000 miles. It is also affected by organized crimes making it hard to secure. 97% of illegal alien arrests are done on the southern border. The challenge facing the US/Canada border is that it is used as an alternative route to enter drugs into the USA.

Catherine's Post

I will support the position that the immigration policy is seriously treated as a national security issue. This post is right as the USA government has invested heavily in ensuring there are enough border patrol agents. There is also advanced technology being used to ensure that the borders are safe. These measures have been put in place to help make the borders more secure. The fund allocation for border security has also increased over the years.

Before 9/11, the government concentrated their checks on specific border points, leaving the other border regions not secured. The government focused mainly on airports leaving other locations unsecured.

The challenge facing the US Mexico and US Canada border is that the two boundaries are too vast with the northern border stretching to over 4000 miles (Chen, Rus & Sen, 2016). The southern border is, however, more challenging as there are a lot of people trying to cross the border illegally. The northern border has challenging terrain, and the weather can be freezing.

The custom border authority and border searches as per the fourth amendment rule are that the search conducted by a government agency should be reasonable and supported by a warrant. I agree with the post as there are instances the amendment contradicts itself. Many are times when the border customs will search people's cars and things without a warrant.

Steven's Post

The current immigration policy in the USA is treated as a national security issue. However, I want to disagree with the position as the media has not led people to conclude that all the borders are entirely out of control. Instead, the media has shown people that through proper manning of the USA borders, it is possible to make the border safe. I, however, agree that since 9/11, the government has taken measures that were not there before 9/11. Some of the steps include funding where the was the creation of the homeland security, which cost around $589 billion from 2001 to 2011 (Wood, Wilson, Olson, Corona & Chavez, 2015). There is also deportation of illegal immigrants.

Open but closed border means that the country's borders are open for the legal migrants but closed for those entering the country illegally without the required documentation. A custom border authority entails the use of the power given by the government to ensure that nothing illegal comes into the country.

The functional equivalent of the border is that searches may be carried out at the border in line with the right of a sovereign to protect itself. The quests are done on subjective suspicion and not on probable cause. Border searches, according to the fourth amendment, states that the government can conduct warrantless searches at the border as a way of the country protecting itself.


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