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Herodotus is termed the father of history because he was the first ancient historian to start collecting, the materials in a systematic way and arranged them in a well-narrated manner. He was born earlier days that is 485 BC in Greek city called Halicarnassus, a center situated at the western side of the coastal region. His research was mainly based on the study of the past and tried to find the effects and cause of the events that took place. Herodotus spent the whole of his life traveling to places, from one territory to another. He visited islands through Macedonia to black sea where he was collecting legends and myths where he could record for future reference. He later settled at Athens where he could now provide public lectures and began being popular and here is he won his prize, and his ministry began.

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Summary of Events

These books tell us the description of the country as lovely pastured and bordered the snow at the northern part. There are also greek towns at the edge of the black sea where people have a decent life and more civilized. There are tribes majorly known for farming called Callipides, Alizonesippeans, Neuri, and Man-eaters(Herodotus &Carter, 2017). The unusual story about these man-eaters is that they receive a confirmation with the human remains excavation which was along a river known as Sula. Hunters were also present, and they are known as Thyssagetes and Lyrecans whereas at the east you will encounter Argippeans who are bold and well known as traders. The Calmucs ancestors identify Aggrippeans; similarly, he informs us about the rivers of Scynthia and also their way of living such as customs, religion, and sacrifices. At the northern part of this empire, there were regular attacks by the nomads who did not have a specific destination rather than roaming around. There were other several tribes who were known by their literal names according to their responsibilities and beliefs. His stories majorly explain about countries like Asia and the behaviors of people in those places(Herodotus & Carter, 2017). After the success of this great historian, the rebellion of Babylon began, and King Darius now decides to revenge Scythian people who lived now in Ukraine.

Darius now reaches a land called the Danube where he found the Greeks had already constructed a bridge. Just because he had bad intentions of destroying these people, he ordered for the destruction just after he crossed over. However, the king gave the greeks a limited time to stay there where they were supposed to relocate to another place. This where these tribes decided to unite and form an army in order to attack the Persian empire for them to go back to the Danube their original homeland. Herodotus also informs us about how the Greeks colonized some parts of Africa and their lifestyle since the adventures of those who first settled. He also explains how these greeks are subdivided and why they are the center of attraction to the Persian empire.

Who Were the Scythians?

Archeology thus seems not able to explain the origin of these people, as they say, their origins complicated and their beginning is unidentified. Therefore, we have to keep on relying on ancient writers of greek who might have encountered some of these customs and beliefs, in which Herodotus is one of the historians who majorly focused on these people in his books. Some of the explanation he gave was their origin, their divisions, geological areas, and how they lived.

The Greek word Scythian was used majorly to explain the primitive inhabitants of a place now called Russia. It was applied to these people of Russian and later discovered that similar people existed in Asia, just like them, the name extended to them also. Herodotus explains that these existed as three main tribes and they came from three brothers majorly known as Arpoxais, Colaxais, and Lipoxais(Herodotus & Carter, 2017). Also, they were known as people who actively engage in religious activities and treasure their ceremonial activities like those of death or war.

Historical Events that Led to Persian Wars

Scynthians had ruled upper Asia for a couple of years, for they had invaded the place earlier had generated their own rules. Their nature being nomads, they moved to some other place where they came back to find greeks already settled. This is one of the factors that contributed to the Greco-Persian war. Later, when people of Scynthia wanted to invade the empire; however, they found no advantage in fighting in that they had become very weak because they had served as slaves for a long time. This was also contributed by the fact that their king was sick and could not possibly perform duties accordingly. Persian wars is a series of wars between people of Persia and Greece also called Greco-Persian wars. Although these Persian people had strength, greeks seemingly became impossible to overcome; hence, they had to succeed. Persian wars were realized to be very important for shaping the Greek empire and encourages their growth as well as the growing, politically, economically, and even culturally (Herodotus & Carter, 2017).

Nomadic Life

According to the first passage of book 4, chapters 46, we get the real picture of these people were nomadic. They did not have specific places to dwell; hence, they could carry along their belongings to whatever city they migrated to. They did not live in their husbandry but basically, their cattle, wagons and one temporary house so attacking them was more than easy. How could they fail to be conquered and raided if this was their lifestyle, someone could wonder. Many wagons have been found at the black sea as clear evidence of how they lived. In addition to the wagons, some objects which were designed purposely for moveable living like wooden vessels, flasks made of leather, and small tables which can conveniently move have also been found (Herodotus & Carter, 2017).

Similarly, evidence that they depend on livestock is brought out from a necklace made of skin was found at the tombs they dwelt in. Their settlements have been found in different regions showing that they moved from one place to another majorly in summer and winter. They also did small scale farming to supplement their living standards and also to find the food for their livestock. Herodotus was right according to his research because it brings out the life of these people as nomadic by using examples and evidence.


Greeks who were at Olbia are the main people who closely interacted with Scythians whose background was mainly at the religious view. The greeks became so much interested in these people because of their nomadic life religious notations. However, they were not pleased with the nomadic way of life which the people possess; rather they adopted the ceremonial life and customs. Scynthians also adopted some particular concepts from greeks; hence they left their old ways and started a new life.


Herodotus was a well-known historian where he influenced many people, and even to date, it is equally undeniable. When it comes to analyzing the people of Scandia, their roots of existence should be brought out citing specific examples. For instance, their religious and nomadic life was identified by their remains found at the tomb. On the contrary, these people also used the wine which was among their customs and beliefs.


Herodotus, & Carter, H. (2017). Here are set forth the histories of Herodotus of Halicarnassus: That men's actions may not in time be forgotten nor things great and wonderful, accomplished whether by Greeks or barbarians, go without a report, nor, especially, the cause of the wars between one and the other. New York: Heritage Press

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