History Essay Sample: Indians Wars

Date:  2021-05-27 02:42:58
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Indian Wars or rather the American Indians wars were the several battles that were fought between Pilgrim settlers, colonist, European governments and the United States governments in North America. The wars took place from the time pilgrims arrived (the 1800s) in the new continent until 1924 (Boot, 2014). It was a series of conflict that led to secret murders, man hunting escapes and mass murder of individuals from the opposing communities. The conflicts were majorly caused by the struggle for the few available resources and differences in ideologies between the native Indians and the settlers American who saw the land as a suitable place to conquer (Pessah, 2014). Some American leaders saw that the only solution to the problem was to completely wipe away the indigenous Indians population from the North America. The paper intends to discuss the causes and impact of the American Indians wars.

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Causes of American Indian Wars

Americans who were initially settlers in North America had established a strong foundation in the continents. They wanted more space to expand their growing populations; they also wanted more resources to sustain their needs in their newly found home (Conley, 2015). Unfortunately, the native Indians had occupied all this land; the Indians were also controlling major resources in the continent. The disparity between these two communities brought a great conflict termed as the Indians wars. The major causes of the Wars were struggles for resources, and the Americans were the masterminds. The struggle for resources and attempts to wipe out the indigenous Indians took place from 1800 to 1924 (Pessah, 2014). As American moved west to expand their territories they met the Indian tribes who were adamant to protect their resources. American forced the Indians to move out of their lands, this lead to conflicts since the Americans desire to occupy more lands was uncontrollable especially during the Gold Rush.

Effects of the Wars

Most Indians were killed in the mass massacre, and the remaining ones were pushed to live in land reserves that were dry and had few resources. After being pushed out of their lands, Indians were no longer able to live their traditional lives as they used to before (Pessah, 2014). Indians traditional way of life was destroyed by the expanding Americans populations. Americans were able to gain and control most parts of the continent. More lands in the interior of the mainland were developed and immigrant Americans enjoyed the goodies of the land as the native Indians suffered in the reserves they were pushed to form new settlements (Conley, 2015). The indigenous Indians population decreased at a very high rate; the community was almost annihilated from the America. Most red Indians migrated to Canada and Mexico to seek new settlements where there was peace. At some point in the 1830s, the American government advocated for the complete removal of the Indians from the American. The government regarded red Indians as the enemy of the state since the Indians and Americans were always in a series of civil wars.


Despite the fact the American history has treated the Indians wars as minor part of the great country history; the wars played a major role in shaping the future of America. American should always remember the wars and respect the Indians since they are the indigenous people of the north America. The native Indians proved to be strong since they survived many attempts of annihilation by the Americans.


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