Home Childcare: Enhancing Performance Within the Home Environment - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-29


Home childcare may sometimes be referred to as a family or home daycare. In this giving care, a parent, guardian, or a well-wisher usually employ an individual to take care of the child daily activities to enhance their performances within their home environment. Occasionally, some parent may decide to do this in groups of the children, whereas sometimes, only one child is usually found in the surrounding (Copeland et al., 2016). Also, it is essential to note that, most of the home day providers primarily lack the technical knowledge and understanding of carrying out the activities correctly, if not for a few royal families who have employed learned and trained providers.

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Day Care Center

A daycare center is typically an institution which has the license to operate under the relevant authorities to provide care for the patients admitted into them. The institutions are usually loaded with several trained personnel, as it is a mandatory requirement that each trainer must pass through a recognizable step in education and must have graduated with a vast range of skills in the line of maintenance and care provision. The government and other human rights authorities are generally in strict supervision of all the ongoing of a daycare center, and thus its maximum and overall success in providing quality care are promising.

Are Home-Centered Cares an Alternative to Day Care Centers

Customarily, many individuals have recently confused and found it hard on whether to prefer home daycares over daycare centers. The following aspects can be considered in giving credit to one kind of childcare to another;

Access to Care

While it may sound so convenient and easy to interact with the provider in the domestic setting because they are readily available. However, in a scenario where one provider is employed by more than three homes to take care of their children, it may be technical to address all the emergencies if two children from two different families require attention at the same time (Frost & Mills, 2019). Regardless of the level of the provider's expertise, whether professional or unprofessional, literate or illiterate, a child may suffer some consequences of pain due to poor attendance.

On the other hand, in daycare centers, there are usually many teachers who are well trained. This makes access more efficient as a child can be attended to by various providers at any time of their requirement. For this reason, home childcarers may not truly reflect an equal amount of advantages that children do enjoy when they are in the daycare centers; suppose ease of care is to be considered.

Level of Expertise of the Employees

While it is a guarantee that in daycare centers, all the employees must be well trained and equipped with all the necessary practical skills of handling several situations that arise with the children in the setting, it may not be the similar case with nannies or home childcarers. With home childcare settings, the possibility of an employer being experienced or inexperienced may be a game of probability. This is to say that, in some conditions, homes employ experts while in some, poorly trained personnel may be used. The choice of these different kinds of employees may also be influenced by several factors, socioeconomic status being at the top priority. Therefore, by taking this basis of the argument, it was noticed that nursing homes or preferably daycare centers are more appropriate as the quality of care is guaranteed.

Cost of Care

As it emerged in several fields of organizations and institutions, the price remains the first considerable variable both to the employers or employees. For instance, an individual may decide to leave a job paying $60 in an hour to a job paying $80 per hour. This is the real game in the field of nursing, or childcare to make it more precise (Frost & Mills, 2019). Basically, in both of the two considered categories of daycares, payment is usually made hourly in the United States of America. The point of differentiation comes in when the question of how many hours of operation, should a provider be paid, and the price is paid to who? In-home daycares, providers usually work in part-time basis only when they are called upon to, opposite to the care in the daycare centers where the employees are employed as full-time workers and are mandated to take care of the children at all times. It may, therefore, be expensive to pay workers in daycare centers compared to homemade daycares.

Using this consideration, homemade daycare may be of higher preference. Another factor is to ask how various employed are paid (how much question). It must be so apparent that the higher the experience, the higher the required salary, the reverse of this is true. As depicted earlier in this given study, the level of expertise in home daycare may not necessarily be a big deal, so taking a less experienced person may be less costly, compared to the daycare centers where the employees must be highly qualified, and thus the salaries must be higher as well. Home daycares

Recommendation and Conclusion

Typically, by considering all the three factors namely, access of care, employee's levels of expertise and cost, daycare centers are more favorable since the primary point of view should be based on the quality of care. As stipulated in the study, daycare centers offer more quality services than home childcare. However, it may be an alternative in some instances where cost is the determining factor. Especially where there are fewer funds, it would be appropriate to consider home childcare in preference to nursing homes.


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