"Housing First" Is A Key to End Homelessness - Essay Sample

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Homelessness has in the recent decades persisted as one of the world's visible social issues. Housing First approach refers to an approach of homeless assistance which usually prioritizes the provision of permanent housing to individuals who are experiencing homelessness, therefore ending homelessness as well as acting as a platform in which they may pursue their personal goals and enhance the quality of their life. This approach is usually guided by a belief indicating that individual require basic needs such as food and a place where they can live before they attend anything that is less critical like acquiring a job.

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Furthermore, the Housing First approach is based on the model that the choice of a client is valuable in the selection of housing and participation of supportive service which improve the lives of the clients. Housing First approach does not need the people who are homeless to address all the problems that they face before they may access housing. Housing First views the house as being an important foundation for the life improvement and allows people to obtain permanent housing without conditions or prerequisites beyond those of typical renters. This paper will provide reasons why Housing First is a fundamental approach to end the issue of homelessness.

One reason that makes Housing First to be considered as the key to ending the issue of homelessness is that the approach provides recovery orientation. Housing First approach is not only focused on attaining fundamental needs but also it concentrates on supporting recovery. Recovery orientation practice usually focuses on the well-being of individuals, and make sure that all the clients can access a range of supports which enable them in nurturing and maintaining of recreational, occupational, vocational, educational and social activities (Atherton and Nicholls 293). The recovery orientation approach entails accessing an environment that has harm reduction strategies. Reduction of harms affecting the society aims at reducing the risks and adverse implications that are related to substance abuse as well as addictive behaviors for the person and the community as a whole.

The other reason why Housing First approach may be considered as the key to ending homelessness issues affecting members of the society is that the program offers both client and individualized-drive supports. Housing First approach involves a client-driven strategy that recognizes that people are unique hence their needs too. Once housed, some individuals will require minimum support while others will require much supports for the rest of their lives. The Housing First approach ensures that it does not only provide housing to individuals in the society but also offer people with several support and treatment services which are individualized, voluntary, portable and culturally-appropriate. The supports tend to address the housing stability, health, and mental needs as well as the life skills of people in the community. Rent supplements and income supports are usually a vital part of offering supports that are client-driven. When the clients lack the necessary income used in supporting their housing, health, well-being, and tenancy can be at significant risk. The rent supplements that are offered by the Housing First program are meant to make sure that people do not use more than 30% of their income to pay rent only.

The other primary reason why Housing First approach is sufficient in ending the problem of homelessness that affects individuals in the society is that the method includes community and social integration. A significant part of Housing First approach comprises assisting individuals integrates into their society. This usually needs engagement that is socially supportive and the presence of the opportunity required to help people participate in various meaningful activities in the society. When individuals are housed and remain or become socially isolated, there is always compromising of their housing stability. The significant features of community and social integration usually include separation of supports and housing, housing strategies which do not result to isolating or stigmatization of clients, and provision of opportunities for cultural and social engagement which are supported through recreational, vocational, and employment activities of individuals. Given that all the Housing First strategies usually share common elements, some significant variations are experienced at the time of applying these models. This is determined by the resource availability; the population served as well as other aspects which are related to the domestic context.

Another reason why Housing First approach is considered as the best approach that may sufficiently end the issue of homelessness that many people in communities experience is that it provides individuals with immediate access to a permanent housing when there are still no readiness requirements required for housing. The Housing First approach entails offering clients with help in finding and acquiring stable, secure, and safe housing as fast as possible (Tsemberis 25). The key to the philosophy utilized by the Housing First approach is that people and families usually are not required first of all to demonstrate that they are in need of housing. Therefore, housing is generally not conditional on abstinence or sobriety. The participation of the program is typically voluntary. Furthermore, the Housing First approach is run in the contrast of to what has already been considered as orthodoxy of the strategies of Housing First whereby individuals facing homelessness are put in the emergency services and should address given personal issues such as mental health and addictions before people become regarded ready for housing after they have received access to treatment or healthcare.

Additionally, the Housing First approach is regarded as the key towards ending the problem of homelessness affecting individuals in the society as it includes self-determination and consumer choice. Housing First approach is viewed as client-centered, rights-based approach which emphasizes the client choice regarding supports and housing process. The Housing First approach enables housing clients to have the power of exercising some option in regards to the location as well as the kind of housing which they receive for example neighborhood, scattered site or congregate setting. The choice of the housing clients may become constrained by affordability and local availability factors. Moreover, the support-clients usually have options that depend on the kind of services which they receive and determine the time of beginning to utilize the housing services.


In conclusion, Housing First entails an approach that is recovery-oriented towards putting an end of the issue of homelessness which focuses on quickly moving individuals who are experiencing homelessness into permanent and independent housing. The Housing First approach is considered as being sufficient as it also involves the provision of additional services and supports as required by the members of the society experiencing homelessness problem. The primary underlying principle of the Housing First approach is that individuals can move forward in a better way with their lives after they have been housed.

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