How Can First Hotel Mayfair Enhance Guest Satisfaction? - Paper Example

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Guest satisfaction reflects the expectations and the experiences that they have on a product or a service. First Hotel Mayfair has to know the standards of the guest expectations about the hotel and work towards accomplishing the goal of reaching the set expectations. The guests tend to hold both implicit and explicit performance of an institution in the aspects of attributes, features and the benefits of the services they offer and the products as well. Customer satisfaction enhances customer loyalty for the company in the future. The only way to achieve customer retention is through involving the customers in enhancing the quality of the services that the hotel offers.

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At many times, hotel face changes in terms of behaviors that their guests portray, their preference as well as expectations. Hotel Mayfair needs to be aware of the general preferences of guests and serve them accordingly. Guests choose the facilities that are able to deliver the best memorable experiences that are through providing unique amenities, personal touches and those that have positive reviews on social media.

Disconfirmation Paradigm

Disconfirmation paradigm is a theoretical model that can be used to explain the nature of guest satisfaction in a hotel. The disconfirmation theory states that customers tend to give a comparison to new service experience in an institution with the standards that they have already developed. Guests tend to go to a hotel with their set standards of how they should be served and they expect that the hotel will match their ideals (Mill, 2011). The belief that guests have about a service that a hotel is offering is dependent on how well the service measures up to the set standards. They will only consider Hotel Mayfair to be good if their service meets their levels of expectations. This theory assumes that guests make their orders based on the intentions they have, attitudes and expectations as well. Since it a process, it is only completed when the guests compare the service they are offered with the pre-experience standard that they gained from elsewhere. One finds that guests rate their services while giving a comparison with another institution of the same level as that but either offered better or poorer services than them. Hotel Mayfair should recognize that this theory is useful in reaching the expected standard which is to be done through asking for reviews. The result can either be confirmation, dissatisfaction or satisfaction.The theory also describes the four main components of the model which are the expectations, disconfirmation, dissatisfaction and perceived performance. By setting the level of expectation, customers represent their pre-consumption expectation (Mill, 2011). Performance is used to refer to the perception of the service offered from the side of the customer. Cases of disconfirmation are experienced when there is the lack of compatibility between the performance from the service and the expectations. Disconfirmation happens when the expectations of the guests are compared to the standards of things such as equitable performance that is formed by a customer and has its basis on the cost or investment of an individual. Assumptions of the theory include that in the event where expectations are high and the side of performance is low, it will result in moderately low disconfirmation. The case of Hotel Mayfair is such that the guest expectations will not be met if their expectations are high and when there is high performance, expectations on the guest's side is also high. The theory also assumes that during the time when expectations are low and the performance is also low, it will result in low EM ratings. Additionally, the model also suggests that if the performance matches the guest expectations, it will result in confirmation.

Factors Influencing Guest Satisfaction at First Hotel Mayfair

There is more to customer satisfaction rather than the mere customer service. Hotel Mayfair should consider the demands of their customers and work towards their standards. Accessibility is one major factor that affects guest satisfaction in a hotel (Kandampully et al.2015). Hotel Mayfair needs to make sure that its location is accessible from all corners and there are good roads leading to the place. Similarly, on the point of accessibility, the hotel needs to be well equipped with the products and services they offer such that when guests ask for a particular food, they are able to deliver according to the menu.

Majority of guests like to first get reviews of a hotel from the media then decide which is the best to visit. Good reviews increase the chance of more guests which is a good chance for more profits. Thus, navigation is important such that browsing the hotel should be very straightforward and the process should be simple. Mayfair page should have a good profile and make sure that services are well described with the prices and contacts in case of any questions. Having a website that is too complex to navigate kills the customer's morale and it leads to frustrations which eventually results in the hotel losing potential guests.

Aspects of convenience are necessary factors that influence guest satisfaction in a hotel. Convenience helps to influence the customer on the decisions that they could make on the products to buy, the services to use and the activities they can engage in while around the hotel facility. Decision convenience helps to determine how easily a customer could decide what they would like to have at the hotel while access convenience describes the accessibility of the facility (Radojevic et al. 2015). Benefit convenience shows the core benefits of a customer service they may be offering while post benefit convenience shows the level of effectiveness in handling post-purchase issues such as the return of products.Ways to improve hotel guest satisfaction

The hotel can purpose to offer freebies as well as complimentary services. Quests like a few free services from the hotel if they buy your services. Offering the complimentary services is essential in that it is a motivation for them to give good reviews about the hotel and it is most likely that they will tell their friends about it. These services could be simple and they may include offering things like free WIFI or a free shuttle around the area.

Hotel Mayfair will do better with implementing the in-room technology. Developments in modern technologies have made it easier for customers to feel secure about the places they stay. The hotel needs to consider installing the smart room keys which are able to allow a guest to open the room door only by swiping with their smartphone. Hotel Mayfair should also provide tablets that act as a means of communication between the guest and the staff.

The hotel can also consider creating an inclusive and accessible experience for the guests that chose to stay over there (Xu, and Li, 2016). The hotel should device its own configurations such that it is able to accommodate issues of disabilities and old age. Similarly, they need to consider the strategies of the processed and customer services that include effective communication, responsive service, standardized content and other personalized offers. Customer experience is of great value to a hotel and technology is key in delivering customer services. These are strategies that are able to keep Hotel Mayfair ahead of the competition.

What Changes Can Be Made and How They Can Be Implemented

The Hotel needs to make changes in lowering the customer effort. Programs that are meant for effort reduction often results in improvement in customer satisfaction and enhances their lifetime value. The hotel can achieve this strategy by creating personals available at different segments such that the organization is able to align the functional experience with the emotional expectations of customers which is able to boost their satisfaction (Sari et al. 2016). For a hotel strategy, there need to be waiters frequently attending to these guests. This is a good way of making sure that the customer is satisfied with the things they are curious about and that they will leave the premises as happy people.

Guest satisfaction helps to maintain customer loyalty in the company. Hotel Mayfair should be equipped with the necessary tools that will help in customer satisfaction by offering a range of serves that the guests may require. They need to show that they are effective and reliable for attending to the needs of their customers.


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