How Peer Pressure Can Cause Addiction and Alcoholism in Adolescents - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-23


Peer pressure refers to the direct influence that people have on their peers, and they receive similar sway in return. Whereas peer pressure is common amongst people of different ages, the truth is that it is common amongst adolescents. The adolescent peer pressure is a matter of interest since it results in adverse impact in most instances, and the best example is drug addiction and alcoholism. Therefore, the paper intends to provide a detailed analysis of some of the possible means of how peer pressure leads to addiction and alcoholism. First, it is realistic to state that peer pressure amongst teenagers results in alcoholism and drug addiction in most instances since they tend to have the pressure to fit in the groups. Although older persons might survive in isolation, most teenagers tend to want to stick around groups since they have a lot to learn, and that is the possible reason why they will also start taking alcohol and other drugs. Moreover, another likely factor that will feature in the analysis concerning peer pressure and drug abuse amongst teenagers is that they spend more time with their friends compared to teachers. The normal human nature is that they tend to adopt behaviors based on persons whom they interact with in most instances, and that also applies to adolescents. There are increased chances that an adolescent will engage in drug abuse and alcoholism since they have the desire to fit into their respective groups based on what is trendy.

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The Desire To Fit in Groups

First, the desire to fit in their respective teenage groups is the reason why peer pressure results in addiction and alcoholism amongst youngsters. Notably, it is essential to note that these youngsters do not just join any groups but they always have a purpose. One of the main goals for entering a specific peer group is because an individual is attracted their activities, thus implying that they want to fit into the group. Therefore, the fact that an individual has the urge to fit in a specific group means that they will do anything so that they are accepted, and drug abuse and alcoholism are some of the typical activities. A newcomer in a peer group will always want to appear as a perfect member for the group, thus the reason why they will also choose to consume alcohol if that is one of the entry requirements. Whereas there are some instances where a youngster might refuse to engage in the group's activities, the truth is that they get5 to learn and try in privacy. Additionally, the desire to fit in a particular peer group is also driven by loneliness which is frequent and unbearable amongst the teenagers (Choo and Shek 1146). Although peer pressure is common amongst persons of all ages, it remains prevalent amongst teenagers since they find it much harder to stay alone. An adolescent who refuses to engage in activities such as alcoholism and drug abuse stands a chance of facing rejection from the group, thus the reason why they must do their best to remain relevant within the circle. There are also increased chances that their opinions will be heard amongst the peer members if they accept to engage in illegal activities such as alcoholism and drug abuse. The truth concerning the desire to emerge as the most influential member of the groups is one of the main factors why teenagers will engage in activities such as drug addiction and alcoholism to fit in the group. Whereas a different factor might make someone influential within their group, it is different amongst teenagers since only risky elements can create such an opportunity. It is much better if teenagers ensures that they join the right group so that they develop the urge to adopt positive behaviors which will result in prosperity.

Bullying is Common Amongst Peer Groups

Bullying is one of the main topics that feature when handling issues concerning teenagers. Whereas these peer groups develop from persons of same interest amongst the adolescents, there are other situations where a youngster finds themselves within a peer group that does not fit their interest. For instance, an adolescent who goes to a boarding school will find persons who have different opinions and characters to theirs, but they are forced to interact since they are within the same class or school. Nonetheless, these persons will interact, but their characters do not match, hence the reason for bullying emergence within that circle. The best example is a situation where a teenage has friends who abuse drugs or consume drugs, but they do not engage in similar activities. Notably, the fact that these persons continue to interact increases the chances that their peers will also wish that they consume the drugs or alcohol so that they can match (Deutsch, Steinley and Slutske 28). While they have the power to refuse to engage in such activities, the fact that they will face bullying from within their group means that they will choose to consume the drug. Additionally, bullying also exists within peer groups since they believe that their friend who refuses to engage in these drugs might report their conduct to the authorities. Therefore, such assumptions are the reason why the group members will bully the one who refuses to engage in alcohol or drug consumption, and this implies that they will take part in the activity (Durl and Trischler 450). The application of bullying amongst peers results typically in injuries, and the fear, thus the reason why the concern to develop such is why teenagers will choose to engage in alcoholism. The existence of bullying with peer groups is the reason why teenagers must ensure that they befriend the right persons who will not force them to engage in unbecoming conduct. The best recommendation for youngsters is that they only befriend individuals who will respect their and ideas, and refusing to participate in either alcohol or drug abuse is the best example.

Youngsters Spend More Time With Their Peers to Parents

The third possible means of how peer pressure results in alcohol and drug abuse is that teenagers spend the most time with their friends compared to parents. The fact that the analysis focuses on teenagers it implies that it analyzes persons who are still in high school or college students. Most of these persons stay in a hostel when they go for an extended period without meeting their parents, thus indicating that there are limited chances that they will find the right guidance. Apart from the regular school sessions, adolescents still tend to spend most of their time with their friends even while at home, as this creates another reason why they will learn alcoholism and drug addiction from these peers. There are increased chances that someone will develop a behavior based on the people with whom they interact with in most instances. For instance, continuous interaction with parents increases the chances of producing better behavior since a learner is in close contact with their guardian (Griffin 1850). Therefore, the informed relationship that exists between teenage peers means that they learn from each other, and makes it possible to adopt alcoholism and drug abuse. A youngster whose friends consume alcohol will also consume alcoholic drinks since that is what they have learned from their friendship and they have to practice. The truth regarding the fact that students will continue to spend more time with their peers is the reason why teenagers must ensure that they make the right friends who will positively influence their characters. For instance, a teenager who makes friends with another who likes going to the library will also emerge as one who loves going to the library since they spend most of their times together. Another possible means that the society can ensure that there is a reduced number of alcoholism amongst teenagers is by increasing the rate of interaction between parents and their children. The application of frequent interactions between parents and youngsters means that they will find an opportunity to seek the right guidance and avoid drugs and alcoholic substances.

Competition is Common Amongst Peers

The notion of life as competition develops from the peer relationships, as each of the members intends to emerge as the best or the most influential in the group. The existence of competition in most peer groups aims at pointing out who is the most elite or the one who can achieve the best out of life, but that is different among teenagers. While competition is meant to ensure that people grow to better persons, the situation is different amongst teenagers since they most tend to work towards the negatives, and that entails issues such as fighting and engaging in drug abuse (Mcdonough and Stuart 1660). Arguably, most youngsters compete on who is the first to know about a specific alcoholic brand, and that is how they end up suffering drug addiction. Although most of the youngsters will engage in these activities for fun purposes, they get used to these alcoholic beverages after a certain period, thus resulting in addiction. Therefore, it is only possible to overcome the challenge concerning drug addiction of teenagers will find guidance on how to choose good friends who will encourage positive competition.

Learning Age

Peer pressure can also cause addiction amongst teenagers since that is the learning age, and one will either acquire positive or negative lessons. The adolescent's years are the ones where people get to learn a lot about life as they prepare for adulthood. The fact that youngsters are preparing for adulthood it means that they have to copy their behaviors, thus the reason why they learn from their peers. It is common for adolescents to determine their practices from their peers since they are the ones with whom they spend most of their time, hence influencing their behaviors. While teenagers can learn good examples from their peers, they mostly choose to learn the negative or illegal since it seems more fun in most instances. The best case of teenagers that feature in the analysis are high school graduates who have just joined college, and they want to find out more about life. For this youngsters, learning about drug abuse and alcoholism is one of the fundamental lessons.


In brief, the paper has provided a detailed analysis of how peer pressure results in drug addiction and alcoholism among adolescents. First, the report indicates that the urge to fit in groups is the main reasons why teenagers tend to start consuming drugs and alcohol in most cases. The fact that teenager's groups are influential and trendy makes most youngsters do anything so that they can fit in these groupings. While there are many issues which they might have to practice to feature or seem trendy in these groups, the truth is that alcoholism and drug abuse is one of the most common activities. Second, the report also notes that the existence of bullying within peer groups also make it possible to experience drug addiction and alcoholism. There are many instances amongst peer groups where youngsters bully each other so that they can engage in illegal activities, and it is such instances which also cause drug abuse and alcoholism. Third, youngsters spend most of their time with their peers compared to their parents, thus the reason why there are more cases of drug abuse and alcoholism amongst teenagers. The fact that a person will adopt a behavior based on the people that they interact with in most instances is also a reason for an increase in drug abuse and alcoholism amongst teenagers.

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Choo, Hyekyung and Daniel Shek. "Quality of Parent-Child Relationship, Family Conflict, Peer Pressure, and Drinking Behaviors of Adolescents in an Asian Context: The Case of Singapore." Social Indicators Research 110.3 (2013): 1141-1157.


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