Essay Sample on Islam and Feminism

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Date:  2022-12-21

Project Explanation and Justification

The scope of this study discusses the fact that Islamic religious teachings and their interpretation can still help Muslim women have a role in society, and seek for equality between men and women as active members in their communities. There has been a transnational representation of Islamic feminist around the world who come together to strategize about the alternatives to patriarchal Islam. However, the objectives of such activism have not been adequately met. The proposal, therefore, aims at assessing the transnational representation of activists towards the Islamic feminism.

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Research Questions and Goals

The following research question will guide this project:

  1. How have Muslim women succeeded in representing their nations to achieve the overall objective of Islamic feminist?
  2. What initiatives should Muslims women do to ensure that they achieve alternatives to patriarchal Islam?

The aim of Islamic feminism has been in the forefront to mobilize activists aimed at towards a common goal of achieving the reform of the family laws that are religiously framed and thus preventing the rolling back of equal rights within the society as conservative patriarchal forces try to impose their version of Islam. This project aims at improving the unmasking the scope of Islamic feminism and the steps it needs to achieve its objectives.

Final Product

This work is generally a research paper, which intends to assess various aspects of the Islamic feminism across the world. Research has shown that Muslim women are some of the most oppressed groups within the global society based on the numerous patriarchal beliefs as taught in the Quran. They can, therefore, prevent the rolling back of equal rights within the society and ensure that they also gain the same rights as their male counterparts. The feminist is more concerned with developing an ethical reading of the foundation of Islam which includes the Quran and Sunna to find some form of religious exegesis that will support their feminist viewpoint.

Research Plan

I intend to find the information related to this project from the research articles, and journals because I believe that they are the most reliable. The use of the peer-reviewed journal articles will further provide me with insights regarding some of the available literature in the same area. This will enable make reference whenever necessary.

Remaining Question

  • Has Islamic Feminism achieved its objectives?
  • Are there any other alternatives to alternatives to patriarchal Islam?


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