Immigration from the Russian Civil War - Paper on History Example

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Date:  2021-05-26

The Civil War of Russia that existed between 1918 and 1921 got construed to tear the Russian nation apart. Many groups such as militarists and those under monarchy rule came together in the quest of opposing one Lenin's Bolsheviks. At the beginning of 1918, the people construed to support the Bolsheviks exercised control on three regions, Petrograd, Moscow and the territory that bordered the two former cities (Barkan and Elliott 2). This action got followed by other Russian groups leading to the beginning of the civil war. The war created an uncomfortable environment forcing the affected Russian nationals to seek refuge in the United States of America. Therefore, the paper gets founded on the immigration details from the Russian Civil War.

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The details on immigration from the Civil War of Russia got related to the collapse of the Russian empire and the Bolshevik's taking control under unfavorable terms. Many Russians citizens got caught up in an anarchical state characterized by bloodshed and extensive property destruction. The people who opposed the group that took control got tortured making many others to migrate to the United States of America. The majority of those who migrated got referred to as the prominent citizens of the Aristocrats Empire, former officials that served in the Russian Imperial government and the professionals (Barkan and Elliott 4). They composed the White Russian groups that favored the incumbent regime at the time of the war. Their loyalty to the ruling regime formed the underlying concern for the hatred between them and the Bolsheviks who by then took control and overthrew the Imperial government. The farmers and the laborers also suffered a greater deal due to their farms getting burnt and properties getting destroyed as highlighted in the paper.

The immigrants got welcomed by the government of the United States and various organizations that ensured that they got settled. The main reason the United States took this step got based on the aspect of socialism. Their presence in the U.S. soil got construed as both a political and an economic advantage. Socialism ensured that the immigrants assisted in the production process and they got no privilege of owning any property (Novotny and Vit 5). On the other hand, the immigrants needed to find ways and means of livelihood. They, therefore, got compelled to take on manual jobs and later other jobs that would support the American economy. It also got noted that there existed other Russian-American community who settled in America but most of them showed no signs of welcoming their colleagues who migrated due to the civil war that lasted for 3 to 4years in their homeland.


The Immigration from the Russian civil war continued for about 3 to 4 years and got a great impact on the people who pegged their support to the incumbent government of the time. When the Bolshevik's took over, the situation changed, and the White Russian's were forced to seek a new settlement in the United States of America as explained in the paper. Among the reasons that compelled the White Russians to take refuge in the U.S. included; the state of anarchy among millions of citizens, the bloodshed that resulted from the war and finally the destruction of goods and properties that affected the larger Russian region. The paper, therefore, depicts immigration from the Russian civil war and its impact in a comprehensive perspective as evidenced by the arguments given.

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