Exploring the Role of the Canada Border Agency as a Police Agency - Presentation Example

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Date:  2023-02-03


In this presentation, I am going to talk about Canada Border Agency and give my reason for being interested in sending my application to join the same agency. First of all there are various Canadian Public safety Organizations are fundamental in providing service to the public in terms of ensuring that they are safe. The agency is best known for the facilitation of the way legitimate trade is conducted. This paper is concerned with the presentation of the CBSA as a police agency in Canada, focusing on the contents that makes it a choice in the upcoming application.

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Canada Border Services Agency

This research was carried out through reading professional as well as academic writings about the agency. The research included reading published books in the library as well as through the internet. Most of the information concerning the agency are extracted from its website as well as government resources about the Canadian police services.

Canada Border Services Agency (CSBA) is a government institution established and has access to privacy Act as well as Information Act. The origin of this agency can be traced back to the 12th December of 2003 when it was established through an order-in-council amalgamation (Cote-Boucher, 2015). It is accountable to the Canadian parliament as it serves through the ministry of public safety and emergency preparedness.


The CBSA functions to make sure the prosperity and security of Canada by the management of the access people as well as goods to and from Canada.


An integrated border agency that is recognized for service excellence in ensuring Canada's security and prosperity (Ortiz & Bowyer, 2015).


The agency works to make sure that there is vigilance within and outside the Canadian border. It gives out services that are essential in assisting the nation to be safe for all and its prosperity.

The agency is traced from the nation's rich legacy, with pride in protection and provision of service to the population of Canada as it is in a position to meet challenges facing the country. The agency values Canada's strong international and domestic partnership that is framed on working together on essential issues like trade, security, and safety (Ortiz & Bowyer, 2015).

CBSA is a Canadian police agency located in the country with various offices and contacts. The agency is based at the country's headquarter. This agency serves communities, especially those with border issues. It is meant to help all those who are Canadian Citizens without discrimination of any citizen.

Application Process

Before anyone applies, the person is encouraged to ensure that he or she meets the requirements set for joining the agency. These include a valid driver's license, high school diploma, and is a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident. Foreign education qualifications are also recognized in checking the credentials of a person. This is then followed by a training phase that takes four weeks of online training. After the first training, the candidates are considered through another up to four and a half months of residency training (Pottie-Sherman, & Wilkes, 2016). Once this whole training is complete, there is the last on-the-job development training that takes between one to one and a half years.

After a person's application is gotten from the inventory, the selection process takes up to a year.

Work of the Agency

Canadian Border Police Services Agency (CBSA) is among such bodies that are mostly in charge of security issues at the boundaries with its neighbors. It is a federal agency that is bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring responsibility on immigration enforcement, surveillance, custom services, and border protection for the state is intact.

Interest in my joining of CBSA is triggered by my interest in serving the country as police through the border services to assist in surveillance and border issues. My enthusiasm to be a police officer can be traced from my childhood dream, which is to help in maintaining law and order in the country.

In my conclusion remarks, I would acknowledge that serving the nation in CBSA is fundamental since it is concerned with abiding with one's constitutional rights. I am grateful for everyone for giving me chance to present my research.

Thank you all for your attention during my presentation.


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