Inauguration Rhetoric Analysis of Donald Trumps - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-01

There are evident and notable differences between speeches made by different people regarding word choice among others. Donald Trumps inaugural speech in comparison with Obamas inaugural speech shows great differences. Obamas selection of words and wordplay was quite different from that of Trumps. This essay seeks to review the differences between the two aforementioned speeches with respect to choice and trends in language, rhetorical devices in both as well as the effectiveness of both speeches.

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In terms of choice and trend in language, having the two speeches drafted on a computer algorithm that measures sentiment, then Donalds speech started off from some positive aspect at the point where he addresses the citizens and tells them of how they should come together and unite in the building of their nation (Mervis 333-334). The sentiment graph then later curves into the negative side where he talks about the problems and challenges he promises to solve during his tenure. He finally finishes with the curve heading towards the then positive side where he goes ahead to make positive promises and telling the American citizens of how America will win just like it has always before (Mervis 333-334). Obama's inaugural speech, however, starts off with the curve strongly curving towards the negative as he apparently kicks it off with stating the problems the Americans were facing then (Nicodemus et al. 4). The curve is seen to slightly move to the positive side as he talks about how he plans to solve the problems he mentioned. It again moves to the negative when he states the challenges he is likely to face in solving the problems (Nicodemus et al. 4). He finishes with the curve strongly on the positive as he encourages the Americans to come together and work towards developing their nation.

Rhetorical device usage is a key factor in speech delivery. It involves the use of particular techniques so as to deliver your message to the audience being addressed. Obama, during his inaugural speech, significantly used rhetoric devices and this sent the right signals as the intended message was passed on well, and the feedback was all positive with people giving credits to him for his ability to give quality speeches thanks to his ability to use rhetorical devices well (Nicodemus et al. 4). Donald Trump as well made good use of his ability to apply rhetorical devices in his speech but the intensity with which he used them still do not match that of Obama. His message too was well delivered and received all kinds of criticism (Mervis 333-334). Generally, in both the two speeches rhetorical devices have been used to deliver the messages intended but still Obamas ability to use rhetorical devices outweighs Trumps.

When it comes to the effectiveness of the speeches delivered by the two personalities, it is seen that both the speeches were effective as they both talked about the promises of service delivery, challenges facing the nation at their times of reign and also called for the unity in working of the Americans. However, it can be said that Obamas speech was more effective as compared to Trumps owing to the fact that Obamas inaugural speech pulled out an enormous crowd while that of Trump pulled a large crowd but still not as big as Obamas (Nicodemus et al. 4).

In conclusion, it is evident that the inaugural speeches of the two American presidents had some degree of differences and similarities, though slight. Still, as evident in the above text, Obama had better speech delivery skills than Donald Trump. All the same, the effectiveness of the two were the same and only differed in the sizes of crowds they pulled.

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