Essay Sample on Issues in Homeland Security

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Date:  2022-09-17


Homeland security is a department under the federal government of the United States charged with responsibility for protecting the nation from threats within and outside the United States borders. Special employee skills such as border security, cyber security, hostage taking, and emergency response are present to help in the role ("US Department," 2018). This assignment will seek to identify the main issue regarding Homeland security, its solutions and whether opinion has changed and why on Homeland security and what lessons have been learned.

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Terrorism is the main issue relating to Homeland Security. Homeland Security was formed in 2002 after four coordinated 9/11 terrorist attacks on US soil in 2001 by the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. Terrorism takes criminal or political form ("Helms School," 2018). Example of a political terrorist group is IRA (Irish Republican Army) whose aim was to end British rule in 1969 in Ireland.

Border security and Protection of Critical infrastructure are Homeland Security solutions to terrorism as Psalms 32:8 (New International Version) says, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I would counsel you and watch over you." Border security involves strategies such as infectious diseases control to prevent the spread of diseases, and setting up physical, human and technological barriers to stop illegal crossings (Alden, 2008). While terrorism presents an anti-continuity life, Critical infrastructure such as agriculture, health, security, water, defense, and energy are protected through the deployment of explosive detection devices, installing security cameras, secure inspections of vehicle and people and increasing perimeter lighting (White, 2016).

This course has changed my opinion on Homeland Security. Illegal immigration is the most discussed public policy issue in the United States with numbers growing rapidly in the US due to the entry of undocumented citizens wanting to better their lives and follow the American dream (Kim, Carvalho, Davis, & Mullins, 2011). Therefore, I oppose illegal immigration as some immigrants are potential terrorists who pose a threat to the nation's security and vices such as human trafficking, drug dealing, and trafficking and gangs.


In conclusion, through reinforcement of border security and protection of critical infrastructure, a nation can protect its citizens within and outside its borders while still encouraging legal immigration. However, terrorism will never cease to exist as it mutates into many forms thus making it tough for Homeland Security. However, through funding and political support by political administrations, homeland security's role will continue in keeping America safe.


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