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Independent Record label also known as an indie label, it is an independently record label that funds itself and is not connected to the big three major labels. Independent label varies from various categories. It ranges from home studio to a highly profitable label. It often faces an uphill battle and struggles to try to make their work seen or music heard. Many musical acts and commercial bands mainly begin their careers on independent labels due to various factors.Record labels are companies which manufacture, distribute, and promote recorded music. Independent record label has good impact and most people appreciate the importance of his labels. One of the many importance of the independent record label is that it work in line with the artists vision unlike in the big record label where the artist has to follow what is already writing for him. India label provides the artist the privilege and the chance to have a say and express his plan and the labels come up with good ideas which they both agree on. India labels make a lot of profit due to having lower expenses because it is a small business thus they require fewer employees. The fact that it is a small business, they take more risks on the number of artists they work within music production, and it ends up bringing better musical variety and diversity to the customers. (Cleveland, et al. 2013)

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The independent record label has about 18% share in the music market. This is mainly due to the unique sounds from the artists. This has an impact on the music market because many consumers learn to recognize the charm of these labels in big numbers. Another impact is that the India labels have strong believed in artist rather than the major labels. Technology is another impact that has helped the independent labels. This mainly means that artist has the ability to succeed despite the lack of support from the major record label. Improvement of recording technology has made things cheaper, and the many means of distribution of music mainly in the digital form.

Motown record label was one of the most unstoppable music industry in history from the year 1959 to 1972. Berry Gordon is the founder of Motown music. The name Motown is a combination of two words motor and town. Motown Records played an important role in racial integration. It was the first music recording company to be owned by an African-American and the artists were mainly African-American. It is known for having a combination tambourines, clapping of hands and lovely melodies. It made use of bass lines, horns, drums woodwinds, piano and the combination of lead singer and the backup band. It achieved its first success of pop with the Miracles and Smokey Robinson Shop Around. ("Brief History of Motown 24)

The music of soul is believed to have emerged in the 1950s. The main artists of the Motown and soul were of black origin. They were appreciated by all the races. The soul and Motown-related music that was made of the white artists (Nero) was referred to as blue eyed. Some of this whites were the widely celebrated groups such as The Righteous Brothers, The Rascals, The Four Seasons et al and artists such as Steve Win wood, Mitch Ryder, Eric Burdon and much more. There at least seven labels within the Motown Company; V.I.P records, mo-west records, checkmates-mates records, Gordy records, soul records, Tamla records and Motown records. There were also several genres of music within the Motown such as blues, pop, contemporary R$B, rhythm and pop rock.

Berry Gordy was a man of determination, drive, talent and vision. The success of the Motown Records was a tribute to his handwork and all the big talent he discovered and brought out of others. Gordy through his determination forged new grounds for minors and made the Motown Sound shine and loved by millions to this day. He had a believed in turning the negative into positive. He applied his experience into the business which made the business to excel.

Additionally, his experience made him set up a system named Quality Control at Motown, so as to ensure only the top and the best product would be produced and released. Each and every Fridays he made sure that producers submitted their product and the products would be voted for. Each and every person was free to express his opinion. These meetings were the main key to the success and the growth of the company. The competition was survival of the fittest and it was loved by many.

In conclusion, the emergence of the independent record label has a big impact on the music industry. It has ended the monopoly in the music industry where the big company was the only commanding sector. It has brought together the artists and they have a wide selection on to where the music can be produced.

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