Instructional Document Reflection

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Date:  2022-10-23


My document was set out to contain information to help people who want to apply for asylum in the detention center. Asylum refers to special protection that is legal, which allows individuals to stay in America when they fear going back to their country of origin. I am writing these research outcomes to the social group accommodating the specific needs of forms and a description of the process which was translated in different languages, mainly in Spanish. Nevertheless, I learned about the print medium and technology used that every individual was trying to use different technical writing tools such as colors and fonts on the available documentation. Therefore, my biggest contribution to the group was that I was able to do most of the translation and contributing the ideas by gathering information to the group that was conducting the English version of the documentation. Also, I participated in suggesting some changes for the wording of the English version so that the translation to Spanish would have a better correlation. This is because for the asylum to be approved, one who is to be helped must have the legal status of immigration, and they should not appear to the court for that case.

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Moreover, my work was informed by the content of the readings we have completed so far as we have done reading concerning layouts and technical writing tools, considering the audience and having good ethics when doing the technical writing. The context and audience influence the message that I am providing in a way that the writing we are conducting as a group is going to have an impact on the lives of many people in the detention centers who are applying for the political asylum as they will have the power and rights of defending themselves in future. Also, most of our audience does not speak English fluently but mostly Spanish. Thus, there is a language barrier, and these people need to be serious in their English paperwork. Convincing adults in a certain language might also be difficult as they tend to forget so easily, making the person training them to at times loose hope. However, my work has not impacted my values and beliefs in any way or the other as I have offered a helping hand for the people to understand and speak English fluently and I also have passion in it.


The beliefs have not shifted nor changed as for my opinion, because it is sad to see that many people are struggling and trying to find a better life by running away from their countries and immigrating to the United States hoping to be in a safer environment. Looking down upon them might be unworthy, and one might be considered as heartless. Moreover, the challenges that our group faced during this activity was misunderstanding and language barrier between the teachers and the people being educated. Also, we only had one translator who was to be depended upon, and in case we lost him, then there would be no effective communication. Therefore, we overcame them by communicating with one another so that we could get through the process of writing. We also conducted collaborations outside the class, and it was done efficiently through using the google documents and canvas to ascertain that we were always correct.

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