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Date:  2021-06-01

The interactive model is also known as the convergence model and was developed to show the exchange of ideas and messages taking place in two ways. This a development of the linear model whereby there is feedback from the receiver of the message to the sender of the message. In this model, the source encodes the message and sends it to the receiver who decodes it to get the intended information. Subsequently, the receiver then acts as the source and encode another message as the feedback and they send it back to the sender. The concept of noise and a barrier to communication are present in this model. Such include language and network problems which affect the communication process.

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This model interested me as it is a development of the linear model and the complexity of decoding a message and encoding another to be a replay of the same. Furthermore, in every management and leadership, position communication is an important aspect to help in the growth of the organization or firm. Efficient communication with customers is a good strategic management tool in today's world, hence has led to my attention to this communication model. There is more complexity that comes with this model as one needs to rightly decode a message in order to give a proper and satisfactory feedback. Additionally, I find being interactive as a very crucial aspect of effective communication. The processes of message formation from either side are heavily influenced by parties' "field of experience" which is factored that can alter the communication pattern such as culture, psychology or even communication channels. These factors have a big influence on the interpretation of messages as well.

This model really helps in the understanding of the communication process that exists between two parties. Communication is reciprocal or two-way even though there are instances the feedback may be delayed. Sending and receiving messages is a complex process that involves encoding and decoding and there exist various barriers to this process and this model helps us to understand this complex process through reduction of complexity to simpler and more familiar terms. Thus, it includes context such that it explains a message having different meanings in different settings. This model also has helped in realizing new discoveries in relation to communication such as the development of the transaction model through the development of hypothetical ideas and relationships. There was an introduction of a new concept, the field of experience' in this model which are the orientations or attitudes that the instructors have. A weakness associated with this model is, even though it is less linear, it only accounts for bilateral communication between the parties and the complex multiple levels of communication with several sources are beyond this model.

The model is a simple one but goes a long way in simplifying the communication processes that involves sending a message and receiving feedback. The model is very useful for people seeking to understand the simple forms of communication between individuals. There is the introduction of the influence of aspects such as culture, setting and the situation in the communication process, specifically the meaning of a message which helps to understand communication more. Additionally, this model is really helpful as it incorporates the challenges that are experienced in a two-way communication, for instance language barriers and delay of feedback. The model does not tackle more complex aspects of the communication process; hence its use is very limited. All the same, I feel this model was a major improvement of the previous linear communication models.

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