International Business: Threats to Life, Labor and Environment - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-12


Every time a business expands internationally, not only must the strategies be considered but also the policies, mission, and vision. In most circumstances, I fail to recognize the most significant threat of my life, such as unsafe labor conditions, pollution, and slavery. In any international level, the three elements degrade not only the way of life but also the means that support the purchasing products and consumers designed within the specific environment. When conducting any business, ethical impurities make me wonder if an individual will be affected by the health consequences or with short-run satisfaction and success.

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Having grown up in a community that had no brainer in how weak or immoral participants engage in such practices also show how businesses work when it comes to the processes that make certain elements that are found to be unethical. If I were the one leading, I would make such choices understandable and acceptable. Any company that has working conditions that are unregulated and paid like those in third world countries seek outsourced labour and high-profit materials. A good example is when a C.E.O of a company has to be a dad and a husband when he goes back home to show different directions for each role.

When someone becomes a high-level employee in any organization, all they ever think of is making profits in the most efficient way ever. For instance, when I visited China, I realized companies like Under Armor or Nike put their business into danger due to indirect participation. As long as I remember, I had moral obligations to treat people nicely. This is because since am part of a large company, most choices that involve labour are ethical in businesses concerning the matters of the position.

An excellent example is that when an individual is an intern, all their concentration is on the labour conditions in a particular environment rather than showing their boss, they fit the job. On a personal view, I would take a risk by presenting a power point on how to reduce pollution through recycling rather than doing interviews. Since I am a bright employee, all I wanted to do is to see the company making profits most efficiently.

When I know all this, my goal will be expanding the profit margins without regulations. However, since I fear to lose my job, I may not take such significant risks to make the company get fails. With unsafe labour, it's upon every country to enact a law that will reduce the harm caused to employees. Issues like slavery and pollution, on the other hand, is a different case when compared to small wages. This also covers topics like child labour. I feel that such issues should not be tolerated in factories, and this can only be done by enacting laws that remorse a company in making such decisions.

One terrible ethical issue that bothers me is pollution, especially the irreversible cloud that covers the world. In most circumstances, I usually believe that animal causes significant harm to the nature that we also depend on. When this is compared to our society, it's all about involving cheap labour to get profits. This not only dangers the earth but also to opportunities and life mainly when chemicals are disposed or dumped. When I look at this situation, the most biodegradable and safest war possible is to ensure that dumping of hazardous substances is not done in rivers.

One reason why I am saying this is that every generation has the power to ruin either the soil or water if given permission. When it comes to the ranking of businesses internationally, they are fond of wasting harmful chemicals to the earth all because they spend less money. This I find unethical because people are always breaking the rules of the environment. In most cases, it is easy to predict people who mean business or who want to spoil the environment. In the business perspective, there is this feeling that the superiors are authoritative and so when one talks about the issues of safety, it might end up costing their jobs.

It is, therefore, difficult for me to express my ethical morals and needs for fear of losing my job or been shunned with opposite words that will embrace me. The biggest motivation that pushes me to talk about the ethics of international business is how to dispose of waste. When I look at children who come from the third world countries and how they use the natural resources to make themselves rich, then it turns out to be remorseful because of the damage of the environment. On a personal level, I find it so bizarre about how the mind operates because not everyone thinks alike.

The decision-making processes I make are derived from elements such as future growth, animal health, human health and the environment. Ever since I was small, I have always followed the rules, and this has made me a conscious-stricken person. When I am not honest, I usually feel guilty, and that is why I push so hard for the truth? If I knew anything ethical for any company, I would always communicate. An excellent example is recycling companies who waste their products near the waterways all because there are no rules to govern them.

Mostly I feel guilty knowing that such substances cause danger, knowing that they what to do right. All the possible ways to stop such decisions are not satisfying when I imagine that they know what they are doing. To make matters worse, what is the reason for doing business in a country that allows chemical substances to be dumped in rivers? I have many ethical, practical scenarios that can support the answer, but the best way to elaborate is that people should conduct business.

The final ethical argument is the safety of products and protection of animals. For years, this has become a debate for most companies. A few firms agree using animals as objects and dolls, while others prefer to save their lives. Since international companies are known to be embraced with policies of protecting the environment, then it is ethical to share unethical practices to every company. I would not allow the companies goals to ruin the environment or cause danger to human beings and animals. The best way to prevent this is by presenting non-harmful alternatives to ensure that abusive measures are minimised. Moreover, safety in the product is one key factor to consider if one to make the business successful.

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