Essay on the Article Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

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Date:  2021-05-26

The thesis of the work is based on the illegal immigration of Mexicans into the United States of America. The article compares how the migration of Mexicans into the USA was years ago and how it is right now. The article speaks of the AGUA NEGRA, Mexico which past 30 years. Moreover, research has proven that due to unrecognized causes Mexicans have now preferred staying at home. This has led to many relatives returning back from the United States to Mexico.

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The author explains that research has proven the economic and educational opportunities seems to be expanding which has led to the decline of illegal traffic by Mexicans into the United States. An example is at Jalisco a well-known state for emigration in Mexico exists a family of the Orozcos. Their eighteen-year-old son confesses that Im more concerned with my schooling. He is studying for a degree in Industrial engineering at a technical institute .In addition, all his classmates agree to the fact that they are more educated than their parents and they prefer staying in Mexico than being in the United States.

A research by Douglas s. Massey showed that the immigration into the USA has severely dropped. This is in comparison to the 1950s, Mr. Massey states for the first time in over 59 years the traffic has gone down to a zero. In addition, the demographic factors in Mexico have decreased because of the reduced birth rates. This has resulted in a reduction in the number of job seekers from the 1970s where Mexico added a million job seekers annually, to 800,000 job seekers today. It has however been added that in 2030 the number will reduce to 300,000. The brighter side of this reduction is that education has now been easy to offer which has led to an increased performance in the economy of Mexico.

On the other side some Americans like Edward McKeon tried to make Mexicans entry to America free he goes on and states If people are trying to do the right thing ,we need to send the signal that well reward them. Moreover despite the attempts it has been noted that the struggle of immigration has high risks. Antonio a member of the Orzosco family explains how his nephew disappeared and his body later found in the bushes of Sonoran desert. The issue of high risks was also raised by the Comparative Immigration Study; whereby the risks increased due to President George Bush and President Obama not going on with Clintons attempt to fence the border between the United States and Mexico. This led to an increase in the smuggling profit from 700 dollars of 1980s to 2000 dollars in todays decade.

Moreover, Mexicans in the United States have been viewed from different angles. An example is the son of a New Jersey plumber who states that my bias is towards people who sweat because they are the backbone of our country. Despite McKeon attempts, most Mexicans have found life as a foreigner being hard and have decided to go back to Mexico. In addition, demographers like Steven A. Camarota who are in favour of the reduced immigration states that unskilled immigrants have pushed down the hourly wages for the unskilled Americans. He adds that Mexicans are more into fun than any other activities which have resulted in increased transport costs. These ideas show the different perspectives of the Americans towards Mexicans. Mexicans like Orozco have now chosen to view America as a place of fun meanwhile; they have chosen to stay in their country.

My analysis of this argument is that the Mexicans should stick in their countries and make the best out of it. They should only visit the United States for welfare purposes. The argument was methodologically sound because it gave supporting evidence as well as facts based on research and studies. In addition, the argument gave a historical and current analysis as well as the historical actors relating to the argument.


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