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The role of Jesus in Islam is based on their understanding of who he was and based on what Qur'an says (Djaballah 5). The story of Jesus in Qur'an is very different from what is written in the bible. The role of Jesus in Islam is in regard to who Jesus claimed to be and what his mission was. The first role of Jesus was to act as a protector and a servant of God. According to Qur'an, when Jesus had just been born and still in the cradle, he defended his mother, Mary when people called her adulterous. He continued to tell people that he was a servant of God given by God to the book and to become a prophet. He said that he lives to cherish his mother until the day of his death when then he will resurrect.

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The second role is that Jesus was God's messenger. According to Qur'an, Jesus was sent by God to the Israelites to bring the message to them. Jesus came to bring the gospel. He told the Israelites that he did not come to abolish the prophet's laws but to fulfill them. Jesus preached monotheistic doctrines of Qur'an. He says that God is the only creator, rewards mankind according to their deeds and speaks to the prophets. Jesus did not talk much about past prophets. Qur'an says that no one has ever seen God but Jesus himself.

The third role is that was God's slave who did not die for people's sins but for unclear reasons (Woodberry 2). According to Qur'an, Jesus was not the son of God but just the son of Mary. Although Jesus was conceived miraculously, that did not make him the son of God. In fact, he was a human and a prophet just like Moses, Abraham, Noah, and Ishmael. Qur'an says that Jesus was God's slave who God bestowed favor to act as a role model to the Israelites. Jesus's death was not painful or brutal, although violence is reported at some point. His sole reason for death is not clear.

Differences Between Jesus in the Bible and in the Qur’an

In the Qur'an, Jesus spoke while still in the cradle after his birth while in the Bible, Jesus did not speak until he was of speaking age. "I am the servant of God. He has given me the scripture and made me a prophet" (Surah 19:30). The time recording of Jesus birth according to Qur'an is between 15th and 16th century while in the Bible, the birth of Jesus is in the 17th century. According to the Bible, Jesus never spoke until he was of speaking age. Actually, much of Jesus's life before he began ministry is left out untold. The major concern of the bible is when Jesus started the ministry (Dilfiruz).

Another difference is that Qur'an Jesus is not the son of God but of Mary while in the Bible, Jesus is the son of God and of Mary. Qur'an states that "it is not befitting to the majesty of Allah that he should beget a son" (Surah 19:35). In this verse, it is clear that according to Qur'an that God or Allah cannot be having a son. Meaning that Jesus is not the son of God but that of Mary. On the other hand, from the bible, Jesus often refers to God as his father in several scriptures. "So the holy one to be born will be called son of God" (Luke 1:35). The Bible refers to Jesus as the son of God even before he was born.

Differences and Similarities of the Tradition of Jesus in Christianity and Islam

One of the difference is that in Christianity, Jesus is the second to the holy trinity while in Islam, Jesus is a mere prophet and not divine. Christians believe that Jesus is the second supreme after God while Islam believes that Jesus was human and a prophet like Moses and did not have any powers. Another difference is that Christianity believes that Jesus came on earth to reconcile man and God by dying for man's sins while Islam believes that Jesus came to bring the gospel to people and his death was not sacrificial nor was it full of suffering (Emberson).

One of the similarities in the tradition of Jesus in Christianity and Islam is that Jesus was born miraculously. Both Christianity and Islam believe that Jesus was conceived through a miracle and was born by the Virgin Mary. Another similarity in belief is that Jesus was sent by God to bring the gospel to the people on earth. Both religions believe that the sole purpose of Jesus to come of earth was to make the word of God known to his people. Another similarity is that both religions believe that Jesus was only a messenger and not God himself. Jesus was sent to earth as a messenger to bring the gospel to the world. Jesus, sent by God acted as an intermediary between God and man and not at any point did he refer himself as God.

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